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Monday, October 8, 2007


My Story Of Surveyor Defect Patient

Around month of October the year 2007 is I perform a research of defect patient handicap, either handicap physical and also mental handicap, I am joined to to become team survey from one departement Indonesia, simply most disabled people lost ground my thinking process, either in the case of everyday activity and also even a indium things, more than anything else they must be forced does things which according to normal man of that is them felt very difficult.

The thing because of in existence of balance in thinking cognately, statistic, and dynamic.Duty to all psychology is comprehend and grows insight for patient that insuffiency owned by Handicap actually a lot of its(the manner not merely physical of mental draugh only, but groaning some of man nerve brain systems who poured through man behavior process.
Example :
Love's type humanity, good for woman and also men, and or all kinds of good lame behaviors sexually and still many again the other which had happened and there are in fact in this world.

And the biggest duty a psychology is acting calm and is neutral in facing all kinds of problem of life.
Solvent of you becomes reliable and professional psychology?
Only your own which can change your own chance and career performance.

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