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Monday, October 8, 2007


The naturally of psychology is we can understood her self and make the other comfort whit us.

Of two psycology insight, is science studying all someone behavior, who is visible passed everyday life. Marginally our self psychology consisted of two life sciences which cannot be dissociated, between it in physical and soul. sometimes difficult very in comprehending by civilian rank and file that is unsatisfying comprehends their his self.

Its the question?

Why a lot of people stress in this world?Tambah Gambar

That thing is because of they don't comprehend two the important things that is existence of synchronization between movement of the mind and soul to do what which ought to there are in life this.

Between it :

Existence of alacrity receives to all something its if experiencing of traumatics a real excitement, in psychology our self studies and comprehends clarification in finding all something his that every problems finds its the solution.

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