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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Why we must work?

Why We Need The Job?
Because we are man is wishing always can continuing life toward better one of them is for the shake of individual money and hobby and also family, also to fulfill soul with sesutu valuable thing in life this.
Because in someone soul haves the power of separate to be able to always rise from failure one of them is in looking for work. Everyone has different character thinking, one of them is receiving officer to become to be employee.
Sometimes we know what have never making rival or our friend are acceptable worked in place which we wish, but question in one's heart of hearts we are why we difficult to once gets work which we to wish?
Any successful gimmick to get work! Procedures Applies For Work.
Information searching of Vacancy that is believable, that is from mass media or from office opening vacancy, you doesn't be got taken by wrong of authority which can harm yourself.
After getting information believed by correctness, visited office direct where place of you wishs melamaratau if there are comand to send through?via post, sends as soon as possible before a period of active of advertisement of the job activity used finished.
Make condition - condition determined and the best awaiting confirmation hereinafter. After there is call for test, hence doing seriously - be really that you got away for test hereinafter. After test is written to ends, usually leader holds an interview with direct you with reading you personality character, according to not of you are placed in company.
In interviewed hence acts as polite possible and if asked salary for newbie doesn't claim salary too much, because will influence leader idea process, which in assuming avaricious you. Usually company have decision standard appropriate about payment, if the company had in equipes by system ISO.
In interview doesn't unwilling to arise keahliaan you, things you thinks much of, and doesn't too mengada-ngada, speaks is honest and its naturaly and brief, heavy and precise.

Monday, October 8, 2007


My Story Of Surveyor Defect Patient

Around month of October the year 2007 is I perform a research of defect patient handicap, either handicap physical and also mental handicap, I am joined to to become team survey from one departement Indonesia, simply most disabled people lost ground my thinking process, either in the case of everyday activity and also even a indium things, more than anything else they must be forced does things which according to normal man of that is them felt very difficult.

The thing because of in existence of balance in thinking cognately, statistic, and dynamic.Duty to all psychology is comprehend and grows insight for patient that insuffiency owned by Handicap actually a lot of its(the manner not merely physical of mental draugh only, but groaning some of man nerve brain systems who poured through man behavior process.
Example :
Love's type humanity, good for woman and also men, and or all kinds of good lame behaviors sexually and still many again the other which had happened and there are in fact in this world.

And the biggest duty a psychology is acting calm and is neutral in facing all kinds of problem of life.
Solvent of you becomes reliable and professional psychology?
Only your own which can change your own chance and career performance.


The naturally of psychology is we can understood her self and make the other comfort whit us.

Of two psycology insight, is science studying all someone behavior, who is visible passed everyday life. Marginally our self psychology consisted of two life sciences which cannot be dissociated, between it in physical and soul. sometimes difficult very in comprehending by civilian rank and file that is unsatisfying comprehends their his self.

Its the question?

Why a lot of people stress in this world?Tambah Gambar

That thing is because of they don't comprehend two the important things that is existence of synchronization between movement of the mind and soul to do what which ought to there are in life this.

Between it :

Existence of alacrity receives to all something its if experiencing of traumatics a real excitement, in psychology our self studies and comprehends clarification in finding all something his that every problems finds its the solution.

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