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Thursday, May 14, 2009


My Essay is my darling and Develop into a research why a person has insomnia?

This research was conducted to the subject of targeted research and experience trouble sleeping disorder or what we call with Insomnia.

Data collected from observations and interviews both in the form of direct observation and ditansfer tapes later in written form, and additional data to complement the previous data of the test results graphically.

This data was then be read to contemplate and try to be connected in a unit that provides comprehensive understanding of the phenomena that have been revealed by research subjects. In this data analysis the researchers tried wherever possible to use the data in the original.

My research will be undertaken in two subjects in detail and referring to the aspects of research in psychology can be some conclusions about the true meaning of the insomnia of which are :

1. Insomnia caused late-night sleep habits

2. Who continue to have problems in thinking, causing prolonged stress which affects the depression

3. Also known as jet lag or the time difference for those who frequently travel abroad, for example from Indonesia shows the morning time and then he went to America and the state there is still morning or afternoon, which should be able to sleep because it causes the time difference could not sleep .

4. Somebody was insomnia usually have a habit - a habit that tends to harm his own self, for example, drunk's, smoking, watching late into the night, go to the disco or the like

5. Insomnia can also be caused due to jobs requiring night time in doing his job

6. There is also caused by a traumatic process different - different for each sufferer.

Indeed there are many more causes of a person experiencing this disorder have trouble sleeping, but I can not explain all. For those of you who are suffering insomnia ... do not worry because many solution for this disorder. So my advice is to live began to discipline that should be on schedule, and more submissive to God.

Thanks for your Attention.
Best Regards
created By: Tasya Zigy

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