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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Story Of Semarang

New's this time to explore this city Semarang, there a lot of valuable experience that I can. from the start of region, friendship and love that grows with the flash ... whether what has happened in a short period of time during three days in the city Semarang me realize how precious life is when all people can we accept it as any.

In addition to life experience, I also do some culinary tour the rather unique for me personally ... and the most impressive is the menu "Babad Gongso" it is too sweet for my tongue, but for those who are used to the food required for them to start a visit in the city of Semarang. In addition to culinary tour filled with intrigue and romance which now make us ask - ask in the heart.

Whether it is worth going if you are a woman who should "is" make the other man, the more worthy of the love. As the journey of love that should be happening? When a Psycholog can always help other people all the problems but why all the problems on himself, he can not be!

It also rules traffic far different than DKI Jakarta, which is always filled with pollution and inconvenience that traffic. In the area far better, probably because of differences in population density that affect the very good or bad and can not be controlled by the city government.

Not complete my journey this time? many of which can happen in my life even though in a short time! only regret, Memory, Happiness and Losse. I fear once the people who have lost their fill happy in my life, but love is like "Babad Gongso" before that time favors at the mouth of the tongue only, after it changed into something that we need to remove and dispose of our far-away.

Then there's the end of this love story ends with the beautiful, or continuously with the suffering and grief. I can only pray to God the best for myself and the best i can do in this world.

The future of my long time and all this is a brilliant flowing in my bloodstream. Thus with the myriad of mistakes I have valuable experience of what other people may feel.

One think concluded that all the questions in my heart is "our happiness, only our own that can defend it, not other people" and "The World is not Beautiful in Reality see"

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