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Monday, June 15, 2009

This is a note on my real personality.


Energetic, full of vitality, active and optimistic. People want to give this tipe contribution to the world. Hide their emotions-emotions that are not fun, including fear. Excellence: fun, spontaneous, imaginative, productive, enthusiastic, spirited, confident, charming, and always want to know. Ugliness: narsistik, impulsive, does not focus, rebellious, not discipline, posesif, maniak, self-destructive, and change. How to interact with me: Give me companionship, affection and freedom, join with me to chat and joke stimulate laughter. Have vision and I listened to my story. Do not try to change my style. Accept me as is. Responsibility up yourself. I do not like people who follow and depend on other people. Do not say what should I do.

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