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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Will you earn a Great and Extraordinary?

Only way to change your credit habbit shopping is the edge of a shopping street to our company, so why? Yes, because the price is very cheap and credits you the opportunity to get free credit up to Rp 630,000, - of week

Business Rights and cash for up to 5 Million, - per week
Business Rights, extraordinary ....
Not include income Passive Income: Bronze = Enterpreneur (50% x Net Income
credits Company)
Total BE. Enterpreneur Silver = 33% and Gold = 17% Enterpreneur Why Can Like That?

PT. Duta future international standing on 10 November 2007 launched a program cheap free agency. With this program you the opportunity to obtain credit with a very cheap price good for their own use or sold back (if you want to Sell), even if you run a business (CRP = Customer Referral Program) you get the opportunity to earn up to tens of millions and even billions of rupiah
How to Launch a month
business? Before it can run a business, you are required to become a member DBS (Duta Business School) first, you must purchase the rights Business (Franchise / Franchising Personal) from PT. DFI first.

After you pur
chase the Business Rights, the new you can run this business and enjoy benefits and other benefits.
How the Capital Required To Become Member DBS Own Right and the business? There are 3 packages of Rights Business DFI offer:

* 1 Business R
ights Rp. 200.000, - (Consists of 1 cards EC / CCI) -> Accident Insurance Up Th + 1 Certificates, Videos, etc. Manual Book. With the potential maximum bonus pair income of Rp 270,000, Rp 90,000 Deposit Pulsa

* 3
Business RightsRp. 500.000, - (Consists of 1 cards EC / 2 and CCI card REGULAR) -> Accident Insurance Up 5 Th + Certificates, Videos, etc. Manual Book. Maximum income with the potential bonus pair of 3 x (Rp 270,000 + Deposit Pulsa Rp 90,000)

* 7 Business Rights Rp. 1.100.000, - (Consists of 1 cards EC / CCI and 6 REGULAR card) -> Accident Insurance Up lifetime + Certificates, Videos, etc. Manual Book. Maximum income with the potential bonus pair of 7 x (Rp 270,000 + Deposit Pulsa Rp 90.000)

** Bonus do not enter the calculation above After Own Business Right (Becoming Member DBS), What Must I Do To Obtain Earnings Dahsyat Who is? To earn the extraordinary, you must run the program CRP (Customer Referral Program) DBS. In other words should be introduced and recruit people to become free agents DBS.

** DBS Member. 1 unit of Rights Business YOU can only introduce and recruit 2 people only (Binary) So what if the person to have a 3 join through you? If there are people to-3 that will join you must save it under your downline.

** Bonus sponsor duplication and generation can still be your rights This is a downline to make sure help by that upline, akan terbantu minimum 1 foot and is not rare and is not impossible that there can be two feet help DBS Member Benefits? As a Member you will get the DFI:

1. Member and Business Rights, and can be valid forever inherited

2. Your Member Card also functions as a card on the Merchant Discount Shopping / Outlet in cooperation with the DUTA INTERNATIONAL FUTURE, more than 5000 merchant famous for berlogo EC cards & more than 43,000 merchant to the card berlogo CCI.

3. Get the right balance of low price, the price agents. Of course the price is cheaper than you buy from another agent (just as a normal user). Here you will become a free agent, not a regular user.

4. Rp.100 each get a bonus receive a phone and sms

5. Earnings Potential gain Rp. 270,000, - / day / HU (Hak Usaha) pair of Bonus / Balance.

6. Bonus Pulsa Rp.90.000 worth, - / day / HU (Hak Usaha) pair of Bonus / Balance.

7. Potential revenue from the billions of rupiah Royalty agency.

8. Have the opportunity to obtain accident insurance, Television, Handphone, Computers, Motorcycles, Luxury Cars (Mercedez Benz C240), to the House MEWAH worth 1.5 Billion.

Member for Bandung and the surrounding area will get a discount purchase of motor up to 2 million. (Customer Care contact us for more information)

10. Getting the System-Results in a transparent, jelly-audit & Mudhorobah

11. Free SPP Year 4 in the nation for Pelita STIE Class in Bandung & Jakarta

12. Training & Development Seminar-seminar Arts, Education Pack

13. CRP Program (Customer Referral Program), the billions of potential earnings / month

14. Life Insurance Rp. 10000000 (1 Copyright Business Th = 1, 3HU Th = 5, = 7HU lifetime) What Loss / Risk worst of This Business?

** You will not be losers in this business, because even though you can not form a network (Not Working), you can still enjoy:

1. Cheap phone service for life

2. Discounts in different areas (Education, Beauty, Automotive, Clothing, Food, Recreation, Entertainment, etc.) and famous merchant in Indonesia

3. Accident Insurance worth Rp. 10000000 (1 Copyright Business Th = 1, 3HU Th = 5, = 7HU lifetime)

4. Get e-book, training and development seminar What Type Bonus Program This?

Bonus and Appreciation of the CRP program DBS is:
1. Sponsor Bonus

2. Bonus Balance / pair

3. Bonus Point

4. Bonus Duplicate Generation

5. Bonus Royalty agency

6. Performance Bonus (Reward)

7. International Profit Sharing (Passive Income) Is It Obligation to Buy Each Month Credits?

** The success is there in front of the eyes, you live menjemputnya. Do not select one! DBS is okay! Thank you DBS . DAHSYAT SALAM! " Never chase wasted a golden opportunity that is in the middle front of your eyes, Head join with us! Tod Absolutly SELECT DBS! Join or NO, you must BUY Credits to Must Buy Credits THROUGH DBS!
DBS DAHSYAT! Register Now!

Thank You
By: Tasya Zigy
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