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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Booming Facebook

Facebook users so much lately, a lot of status they make there solely to express his heart, there are unisex which left any comments from the friends or to his friends...
Sometimes there is a serious, sometimes the expense was solely for entertainment and fill the time they were fed up... the midst of daily activity through which, to make life more colorful.

And besides, all the benefits of Facebook is not just that alone, is subject to its own people can be useful, could also become less useful.
Facebook and other Popular Benefits Maya world can make a person or occasionally even enchanted with the unconscious, the real negative impact is to make people kecanduaan will Uptudate information on this Online Technology, and makes a person a little autistic, one of these online services are booming as This is the Facebook service.

Even as Facebook with a simple and inexpensive access via Cellular Phone / HP, so that current Facebook users are not familiar with Sex, Old and Young even children under umurpun been able to use this service.

The difference is that Facebook users will be used for what?

* For me, Facebook Personal communication in addition to each other, I use to facilitate the business affairs which I am involved with, so this online service can also generate additional money for the future of course.

Then what about you?

Whether you have other ideas about online services on the Internet, like Facebook for example?

Or maybe you can create online services that are better than Facebook?

Please Leave Comments Or Ideas Gokil you.


Tasya Zigy said...

Aqhu autis gara-gara Facebook, my Blog, dan Laptop.... bethe...

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