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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Code of Ethics Psychology

I will inform you about the basic science of psychology, most ordinary people are always wrong about science to understand this, consider and carefully read the information that I will give.

Based on self-awareness of the noble values of Pancasila and the Constitution in 1945, scientists of psychology and psychologist, respect and uphold the rights of maintaining human rights. Its activity is increased in the science of human behavior in the form of understanding for himself and others and take advantage of science and the ability for human welfare.
Demands the freedom to investigate and communicate in conducting its activities in the field of research, teaching, training, and consulting services practice and publication in psychology understood by scientists and psychologists with full responsibility.
Did you know that studying psychology profession has a code of ethics which must cling to? It has been formulated in code of ethics psychology as high values of the device a psychologist.
Facilities in psychological measurement of a psychologist must make a deal with the agencies / institutions / organizations where the work to know the things related to procurement issues, possession, use, control of the means of measurement.
This provision is usually set itself. Psychologists are also required to keep the means of measurement so as not to be used by people who are not authorized and is not competent.
Do you know any abuse of authority in the field of psychology of expertise and any violation of the code of ethics psychology Indonesia may be subject to sanction the organization by the authorities.

Created By : Tasya Zigy


Anonymous said...

say... mank psikologi pake kode etik juga ya? ada-ada aja ya... tapi aq baru tau dari kamu loh... makasih ya,,,!!!

Gamboel said...

melakukan tugas sebagai seorang psikolog pasti susah ya? harus jaga rahasia orang-orang yang konsultasi... wah kalau orangnya ember ga bisa dung.... sista!!! jadi seorang psikolog?

Tasya Zigy said...

hai No Name.... ya iya lah semua profesi itu pake kode etik nya, cuma beda-beda doank peraturannya dong...

Gamboel : wah itu pasti dung harus jaga rahasia atuh.... hehehehehe, kalau yang ember se mending jadi tukang kredit aja....

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