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Friday, October 2, 2009

10 Tips to Register CPNS

I want to tell you about my experiences during this week, I took my friend who wanted to take the test this October CPNS 2009. Because all Government Department Job's opened simultaneously in Indonesia.

For me everything is not surprising anymore because I has try it two years ago. All the process is very complicated and require extra alertness, a healthy body condition, and a lot of money of chourse.

I am here just want to share all the experience to my friends who may not have experience in CPNS test. To register CPNS certainly requires a complete administrative requirements.

Let's refer to either - his good tips.

1. Prepare your ID card (KTP) and valid photo copy immediately according to your needs

2. Prepare SKCK valid, if not made promptly to Police Station usually pay Rp. 15,000, and do not forget to bring a reserve fund for the photo copies, etc.

3. Make a card or a job seeker signs that we call a yellow card (Kartu Kuning), immediately go Sudin Goverment Employment RI

4. Prepare Healthy letter from the Government Hospital or health center, if there are color blind free conditions could be sent there at once

5. If there is an additional requirement Drug Free Certificate Go to Hospital Goverment like Jakarta Persahabatan Hospital or Hospital based on your domicile

6. Do not forget to prepare photo copy of certificate and transcript legalized telleh Value

7. Prepare Photos 4x6, 3x4, 2x3 requirements as needed

8. As a precaution buy Seal (Materai) Rp. 6ooo, - usually will be used to Statement Letter

9. Quickly you make application letter and curriculum vitae with a list written by hand on lined foolscap

10. Do not forget to take the test while attending the full writing instruments such as 2B or HB pencils, pen try not Pen Liquid or Boxy because it would be particularly troublesome if there is leakage in the pens, erasers, Correction, Ruler, Glue, Scissors, Staples.

That's the tips of my friends who want to register CPNS, do not forget to bring water from home and some bread torn to put the stomach, because it certainly must have the registration process will take a very long and the prices of anything in the surrounding stores will be suddenly become much more expensive, good luck always and hopefully this information useful for you all.

Regrads With Love
Prohibited from copying my writing
Created By : Tasya Zigy


Ocim said...

thterima kasih banyak atas infonya, soalnya tahun ini saya mau coba pertama kalinya test CPNS ni

terima kasih banyak mas

Tasya Zigy said...

akh yang bener neh kang ocim.... mau tes cpns? bukannya udah kaya karena blog mu yang keren.... kang ocim add fb tasya ya!!! biar bisa tanya-tanya lebih banyak tentang info apa aja deh....

satria said...

setelah sekian lama ga berkunjung akhirnya nyampe juga disini, bagaimana kabarnya jeng sehat kan?

tasyazigy said...

akh yang bener? bukannya baru kemarin maen cini... kabar qhu baik kok kang!!!!

moenas said...

mbk gak da soutmixnya ya,,,pasang donk biar tambah rame,,,

Tasya Zigy said...

Shoutmix mah udh basi.....

Anonymous said...

The information here is great. I will invite my friends here.


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