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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Knowledge Gerontology

What Is Gerontology?
I'll write some meaning in the science of gerontology psikolgi, absolutly which be very useful for you all if there is not yet known.
Gerontology is a science to study the social aspects of different angles of view from which the elderly person.
Because the process of life is growing increasingly age and to be older, in the gerontology course will study the nature, character and personal as the change from young people, so the science of gerontology is very helpful at all for others or who are more young to understand all the changes the psychology of the elderly.
Elderly person will experience a lot of depression, stress, apathystic, and even autism.
This is caused by several factors that are particularly vulnerable, because that's the science of gerontology clarify all sorts of changes in behavior, knowledge of old people.
The things that will happen to the elderly among others:
Copingnya behavior or the way people deal with challenges and difficulties will be easily crushed and hopeless.
The second is the emotional reaction is unstable and will always have the soul or inner turmoil.
While the sensitivity of physiological reactions elderly man began to increase, so if you have events that shock and he will experience shock and can also cause disease that can be deadly.
In gerontology also studied cognitive reactions whether elderly people can think rationally or not.
Therefore, psychology is very important that we learn as we age getting older or our parents we deal with the more complicated, that's a brief explanation of the meaning of gerontology in psychology, and I hope my writing be useful for your's.
So take care your parent before you lose it, because the regret will be felt so painful when we realize our parents are very valuable.

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Created By : Tasya Zigy

4 comments: said...

Berharap sih gak pengen tua....
Lho kalo gak pengen tua berarti mati muda dong... hihihihi.

Bagus artikelnya, jadi nambah pengetahuan biar kalo berhadapan sama orang2 yang tua tahu kelemahannya.... hehehhe

Tasya Zigy said...

Kelirienk : hahahaha... thanks for your coment, if you want to die fast so not will felt old guys

secangkir teh dan sekerat roti said...

maksudnya mabjk..???

Tasya Zigy said...

Hai Tukang Roti : Maksud apaan? btw lain kali tinggalin nama kamu ya...

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