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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Limousine Cars

Do you know about luxury cars that have been circulating outside the country much? Let us guessing for a while ...
Its features resemble car bus car, long and very expensive if for us ordinary people. Already know what the car's name?
Yup .... a car Limousine
Who have this car?
Take me for a walk, ok!!!
Try to imagine how you start if this limousine belonged to you?
Given the very rare limousine is owned by the people of Indonesia, in addition to the expensive cost of tax must be paid also very expensive. How rich people think you can buy this car? But what concerns me is not the high prices, but addressing what impact that would occur if all citizens of Jakarta using these luxury cars, of course you can not imagine!
If out of the country have this car will not affect anything, but certainly in Indonesia generally and particularly in Jakarta adverse impacts will be very obvious, what are they? The impact of any limousine on the Jakarta and Jakarta has a lot of people, of course, a traffic jam in Jakarta will be more severe and longer. Not to mention if the car was turned toward, certainly will be very long from the car the bus, you know why? for drivers who must drive fear limousine paint scratched.
The second is to be a lot of crime against the owner of this limousine such as robbery or even parts stealing stuck in this limousine, plus accessories and spare parts in this limousine is very expensive although the unit should be sold.
And the last will be very visible at all social, because the population in Indonesia, many citizens are still poor.
So how do you think if the limousine has been much circulated in Indonesia this country? despite the negative impact of course there are also positive impacts such as increase our foreign exchange.
However do you think of this limousine all is well and hopefully the start circulating in Indonesia limousine motivation can to be people who continue to actively seek fortune and had great ambitions to achieve success in ways good and certainly does not harm others.

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Created By : Tasya Zigy


moenas said...


nice post

ARIF'S said...

setelah bertahun-tahun akhirnya bisa berkunjung lagi

Tasya Zigy said...

Jiah kalian berdua,kaga kreatif bgt koment nya

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