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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Story Of Semarang

New's this time to explore this city Semarang, there a lot of valuable experience that I can. from the start of region, friendship and love that grows with the flash ... whether what has happened in a short period of time during three days in the city Semarang me realize how precious life is when all people can we accept it as any.

In addition to life experience, I also do some culinary tour the rather unique for me personally ... and the most impressive is the menu "Babad Gongso" it is too sweet for my tongue, but for those who are used to the food required for them to start a visit in the city of Semarang. In addition to culinary tour filled with intrigue and romance which now make us ask - ask in the heart.

Whether it is worth going if you are a woman who should "is" make the other man, the more worthy of the love. As the journey of love that should be happening? When a Psycholog can always help other people all the problems but why all the problems on himself, he can not be!

It also rules traffic far different than DKI Jakarta, which is always filled with pollution and inconvenience that traffic. In the area far better, probably because of differences in population density that affect the very good or bad and can not be controlled by the city government.

Not complete my journey this time? many of which can happen in my life even though in a short time! only regret, Memory, Happiness and Losse. I fear once the people who have lost their fill happy in my life, but love is like "Babad Gongso" before that time favors at the mouth of the tongue only, after it changed into something that we need to remove and dispose of our far-away.

Then there's the end of this love story ends with the beautiful, or continuously with the suffering and grief. I can only pray to God the best for myself and the best i can do in this world.

The future of my long time and all this is a brilliant flowing in my bloodstream. Thus with the myriad of mistakes I have valuable experience of what other people may feel.

One think concluded that all the questions in my heart is "our happiness, only our own that can defend it, not other people" and "The World is not Beautiful in Reality see"

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

People Want to Become Rich.

In the generation of parents we rules :
say if you work hard, the more you older, the more you paid.
You get more money through increased salary.
And when you are approaching the end of your life, you will say, "When I retire,
My earnings will be reduced. "In other words, the assumptions for our parents is that you working hard for life and pension poor.
Now there are people aged 25 years
did not have a job but has become milyader with the tools to build
computer software.
At the same time, there are people aged 50 years who are seeking
work with the hope earning $ 50.000/years. The worse, people aged 50 years this has little or no money have the same of which can be for retirement and may not be able to retire.
People aged 50 this year does not need a job. This person needs a way to become rich and
obtain the level of ongoing throughout the remainder of his life.
Company marketing network to provide this opportunity to provide education, guiding, and business systems to help people aged 50 years to build this business B to its own.
In the year 2010, which not too long, the first of 75 million baby-boomers (those
who was born in the explosion after World War II baby) in the United States will reach age 65. Many will go to network marketing as a way to build security like a life that is not provided by their work.
In addition, someone with build a successful network marketing business has the potential to enter into ultra rich ranking in the world and far more wealthy than the professionals who
high such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, and far more wealthy than many stars it
sport, movie stars and rock stars.
With the neighborhood in 2010, many people already in the network marketing business will be very lucky when millions baby- boomb join.

Aura Colors for Tasya Zigy

Aura Colors for Tasya Zigy is: Gray.
Here is the analysis are:
Interesting and active.
Never hide his feelings and always express what is in his heart,
but sometimes out his selfish side.
Always want to be treated and do not like not fair.
Can make other people happy,
what can be said right at the moment,
and have a taste of humor.

Earth Shine

Eventually all will arrive at one day.
That's has been a long time when we know.
Do you still softy like first? "ask me to drink milk and sleep while the wakeless my hair!"
Gauze down so slowly in the valley of love, sweet valley mandala.
You and I stand steady, to see the forests that are bleak.
Fondling penetrate into the cold wind.
Do you still intimate my first pet?
When I folded arms, you nestle more intimate, closer.
What will you still say?
I hear tap my heart, we like different in all, except in love.

Opportunity Gemini Today

You've got an opportunity to make your ideals sync up with your real life.
It could be through volunteer work, or maybe your home life is starting to take a seriously positive shift.
Be careful to think before you speak today, because you could be letting a secret out without meaning to.
Infact, if youre not sure that you've been authorized to talk about a certain issue, don't utter one single peep.
Walk away and think about it, or better still, talk to who ever confided in you,that way you'll be absolutely sure.

Monday, June 15, 2009

This is a note on my real personality.


Energetic, full of vitality, active and optimistic. People want to give this tipe contribution to the world. Hide their emotions-emotions that are not fun, including fear. Excellence: fun, spontaneous, imaginative, productive, enthusiastic, spirited, confident, charming, and always want to know. Ugliness: narsistik, impulsive, does not focus, rebellious, not discipline, posesif, maniak, self-destructive, and change. How to interact with me: Give me companionship, affection and freedom, join with me to chat and joke stimulate laughter. Have vision and I listened to my story. Do not try to change my style. Accept me as is. Responsibility up yourself. I do not like people who follow and depend on other people. Do not say what should I do.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Will you earn a Great and Extraordinary?

Only way to change your credit habbit shopping is the edge of a shopping street to our company, so why? Yes, because the price is very cheap and credits you the opportunity to get free credit up to Rp 630,000, - of week

Business Rights and cash for up to 5 Million, - per week
Business Rights, extraordinary ....
Not include income Passive Income: Bronze = Enterpreneur (50% x Net Income
credits Company)
Total BE. Enterpreneur Silver = 33% and Gold = 17% Enterpreneur Why Can Like That?

PT. Duta future international standing on 10 November 2007 launched a program cheap free agency. With this program you the opportunity to obtain credit with a very cheap price good for their own use or sold back (if you want to Sell), even if you run a business (CRP = Customer Referral Program) you get the opportunity to earn up to tens of millions and even billions of rupiah
How to Launch a month
business? Before it can run a business, you are required to become a member DBS (Duta Business School) first, you must purchase the rights Business (Franchise / Franchising Personal) from PT. DFI first.

After you pur
chase the Business Rights, the new you can run this business and enjoy benefits and other benefits.
How the Capital Required To Become Member DBS Own Right and the business? There are 3 packages of Rights Business DFI offer:

* 1 Business R
ights Rp. 200.000, - (Consists of 1 cards EC / CCI) -> Accident Insurance Up Th + 1 Certificates, Videos, etc. Manual Book. With the potential maximum bonus pair income of Rp 270,000, Rp 90,000 Deposit Pulsa

* 3
Business RightsRp. 500.000, - (Consists of 1 cards EC / 2 and CCI card REGULAR) -> Accident Insurance Up 5 Th + Certificates, Videos, etc. Manual Book. Maximum income with the potential bonus pair of 3 x (Rp 270,000 + Deposit Pulsa Rp 90,000)

* 7 Business Rights Rp. 1.100.000, - (Consists of 1 cards EC / CCI and 6 REGULAR card) -> Accident Insurance Up lifetime + Certificates, Videos, etc. Manual Book. Maximum income with the potential bonus pair of 7 x (Rp 270,000 + Deposit Pulsa Rp 90.000)

** Bonus do not enter the calculation above After Own Business Right (Becoming Member DBS), What Must I Do To Obtain Earnings Dahsyat Who is? To earn the extraordinary, you must run the program CRP (Customer Referral Program) DBS. In other words should be introduced and recruit people to become free agents DBS.

** DBS Member. 1 unit of Rights Business YOU can only introduce and recruit 2 people only (Binary) So what if the person to have a 3 join through you? If there are people to-3 that will join you must save it under your downline.

** Bonus sponsor duplication and generation can still be your rights This is a downline to make sure help by that upline, akan terbantu minimum 1 foot and is not rare and is not impossible that there can be two feet help DBS Member Benefits? As a Member you will get the DFI:

1. Member and Business Rights, and can be valid forever inherited

2. Your Member Card also functions as a card on the Merchant Discount Shopping / Outlet in cooperation with the DUTA INTERNATIONAL FUTURE, more than 5000 merchant famous for berlogo EC cards & more than 43,000 merchant to the card berlogo CCI.

3. Get the right balance of low price, the price agents. Of course the price is cheaper than you buy from another agent (just as a normal user). Here you will become a free agent, not a regular user.

4. Rp.100 each get a bonus receive a phone and sms

5. Earnings Potential gain Rp. 270,000, - / day / HU (Hak Usaha) pair of Bonus / Balance.

6. Bonus Pulsa Rp.90.000 worth, - / day / HU (Hak Usaha) pair of Bonus / Balance.

7. Potential revenue from the billions of rupiah Royalty agency.

8. Have the opportunity to obtain accident insurance, Television, Handphone, Computers, Motorcycles, Luxury Cars (Mercedez Benz C240), to the House MEWAH worth 1.5 Billion.

Member for Bandung and the surrounding area will get a discount purchase of motor up to 2 million. (Customer Care contact us for more information)

10. Getting the System-Results in a transparent, jelly-audit & Mudhorobah

11. Free SPP Year 4 in the nation for Pelita STIE Class in Bandung & Jakarta

12. Training & Development Seminar-seminar Arts, Education Pack

13. CRP Program (Customer Referral Program), the billions of potential earnings / month

14. Life Insurance Rp. 10000000 (1 Copyright Business Th = 1, 3HU Th = 5, = 7HU lifetime) What Loss / Risk worst of This Business?

** You will not be losers in this business, because even though you can not form a network (Not Working), you can still enjoy:

1. Cheap phone service for life

2. Discounts in different areas (Education, Beauty, Automotive, Clothing, Food, Recreation, Entertainment, etc.) and famous merchant in Indonesia

3. Accident Insurance worth Rp. 10000000 (1 Copyright Business Th = 1, 3HU Th = 5, = 7HU lifetime)

4. Get e-book, training and development seminar What Type Bonus Program This?

Bonus and Appreciation of the CRP program DBS is:
1. Sponsor Bonus

2. Bonus Balance / pair

3. Bonus Point

4. Bonus Duplicate Generation

5. Bonus Royalty agency

6. Performance Bonus (Reward)

7. International Profit Sharing (Passive Income) Is It Obligation to Buy Each Month Credits?

** The success is there in front of the eyes, you live menjemputnya. Do not select one! DBS is okay! Thank you DBS . DAHSYAT SALAM! " Never chase wasted a golden opportunity that is in the middle front of your eyes, Head join with us! Tod Absolutly SELECT DBS! Join or NO, you must BUY Credits to Must Buy Credits THROUGH DBS!
DBS DAHSYAT! Register Now!

Thank You
By: Tasya Zigy
Register Now

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Soul Enlightenment

Personal Super, like you, always use the best way to grow, to become bigger than yourself now, to live in harmonious conformity with nature, and became a fellow pencemerlang for life.

Be self-understanding of yourself, because the greatest strength to win - and back a winner in life is not always easy - comes from a deep understanding of the value of our real self, which is a growing sense of courage in pain and suffering.

Your life today is filled by the things that is not possible for your past, and notice that you're alive to reach your possibilities in the future. So, make sure that you become part of the role of the possibilities.
Remember, that all actions will produce.

If he does not generate additional value, it will produce waste. Therefore, if the plan in the universe for you is to make you a brilliant person, it is likely to brilliant.

Did you know I can be so much enlightenment through Mario Teguh, all of his advice kept me in the mirror and make someone who never gave up. Mario Teguh Thank you very useful knowledge for the people ... I'd love your personal example of humble and intelligent polite.

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