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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Story Interesting from Psychology Science

Story Interesting from Psychology Science

In human in reality social being that interpreted "that actually there is no any one that can alive self, certain they are mutual want to mutual help if they find difficulty in life". Like for example moment a experience little disaster also big disaster that in the alive, with nature process can not at deny again they always want another person acomodation will whatever the function, position, the social status, and for rich people even if.

Psychology science self a lot of the benefit in somebody life, but merely a psychologist that get the picture spiritual somebody, but person usually can study science about psychology. Psychology science self very "disenchant" somebody that any human alive at this world not self, but many contributions that given by nature from what at created by God. Many i meet sprinkling person often say "psychology science can read somebody idea, or even predict a certain" . Wrong mean that make me very disappoint by what happen on thinking of psychology and it self psychology meaning.

If somebody that deepen psychology science of course he will laugh wide moment they at will ask to will predict somebody destiny or read somebody idea. Individual good or certain group according to literal has science, most base that can easily be understood hit has meaning as science that study of human habit principles. The hook between social psychology science very tight the connection with a social system usually known with sociology. that social system is family for example, society, and organization (Shinta, A. 2002. Social Psychology. Yogyakarta : Proklamasi 45 University of psychology faculty).
ifferent meaning (Fisher, 1982: 3-6) Social Psychology be interpreted as science that study about how habit individual be influenced but can influence another person in social situations, in this science is very pays human interaction "human relationship".

I hope with existence a system science that created at this world has what ever read society the science kind more aware for the importance of will study sciences with will read, or ask to people who more realize the meaning, don't be direct conclude self what be wrong culture. From now on patterned thinking fox for far in advance of previous, because process will learn will not ever late. That's use from a science, so that all humans not blind science, so before you study other sciences begin to realize about meaning base from social psychology science. More and more that realize that human social being asked you will not find difficulty in interacted individually.

Your bigness impact will experience a big change from Spritual aspect, Intelegent, and matter. Moment your social psychology science will master you easily has customer course easily will help you without you will have from them. Story interesting from somebody can not interacted social well in the environment "introvert".

My friend tells:
Story interesting this about habit our somebody mentions "old grand mother". A old grand mother alive long lived alone, until the child any one at dissipate from the house. This old grand mother has problem according to the psychology usually in psychology science is called "introvert". This old grand mother experiences interacted difficulty and court in the environment, moment he will experience fire calamity her house that many will consume victim according to matter or soul, he doesn't has courage to bawl to ask to bear hand the neighbour. But without he asks helping direct the neighbour helps selfless, may be biggest motivation neighbours doesn't want to help, but want to resque house or his family is self, so that they are not hitted consequence from disaster.

After that fire raging extinguishable old grand mother very felt guilty and blush at the neighbour, then he doesn't awake self a few moments after terrible insident in the alive. After aware old grand mother hasn't said pronunciation thank in several the neighbours that help it, "exceedingly really!" that's opinion sprinkling one who alive around. Only such person personality at haughty and never learn from the alive experience although big storm comes in the alive.

My friend says and asked:
"why is goon often long lived?"
"then what still there one who want to bury it moment he dies later? then I answer question with smile.
"God always give long age somebody in one who not "learned" I interpreted that God stills to give it to chance to then learn in the alive so that he understands alive meaning and disenchant it that he social being"then my friend nods the head and say "true also yes" then I answer question further more" of course still there one who want to help it to bury it moment he looks God later
My friend asks to return. . . " why? "

I answer:
" because certain it of so much many neighbours there certain has science hits is that social being, and of course learned people who always will do best in the alive for th also for another person" from my answer is disenchants my friend that if he wants said learned and will admit that he his social being by itself always mutually help.

Story from this old grand mother will disenchant sprinkling one who around to will not keep away it but hugged so that old grand mother more has realized error on personality that he has created self in the alive.
Up to second this follow my friend information is old grand mother above the ground and well always the solitaryly, even informed him build house again at several places with the retired income.
For this article reader me as author expects cognizance to then dig science cap it all God calls us.
like proverb says "look for science until country neighbor".

My motto:
"make happy every person who there in life you, asking you will find happynes because they are happy your alive"

thank for your attention. .
created by : tasya zigy

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