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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Child Autism Symptoms

Hai friends do you know about the disorder that mostly attacks young children? Okay here I will discuss about autism in childhood. Consider your child's development if there are symptoms to autism or not.
Autism in childhood, usually called the mean Childhood Autism on the child's developmental disorder whose symptoms had appeared before the child reaches the age of 3 years. Let see affected their development are:
1. Communications, where they can not communicate normally like us, such as: delayed speech development, or not at all developed. The absence of efforts to communicate with the motion or even look on the face. Not able to start a conversation or maintain a two-way conversation well. The language is unusual and often repeated or stereotipik. Not able to play imaginatively, usually less varied game.
2. In social interaction, for example : failure to meet the eyes, facial expression, as well as posture and gesture, not like I was interacting properly. Failure to develop social relationships with peers, where they can share emotions, activity, and interest together, they are also not able to empathize and can not spontaneously make friends to share fun and do something together.
3. Behavior, it's good to do things that are repeated like : "sitting corner with waste sand like rain" or "paper tore up small pieces and carried out continuously", he could do for hours, or other things. The existence of an attachment to a routine or ritual that is not useful on an ongoing basis. These children often also show an unnatural emotions, temper tantrums (flipped out of control), laughing and crying for no reason, there is also the fear that was unnatural. In autism children are more common in boys than girls with a ratio of 3 : 1
So if your child shows the symptoms above? If the answer is Yes, you immediately take your child to a psychologist for counseling or to do therapy on your child, and immediately distributed habits into something positive and educational. Hopefully this article can be useful for you all.

Regrads With Love
Prohibited from copying my writing
Created By : Tasya Zigy

Code of Ethics Psychology

I will inform you about the basic science of psychology, most ordinary people are always wrong about science to understand this, consider and carefully read the information that I will give.

Based on self-awareness of the noble values of Pancasila and the Constitution in 1945, scientists of psychology and psychologist, respect and uphold the rights of maintaining human rights. Its activity is increased in the science of human behavior in the form of understanding for himself and others and take advantage of science and the ability for human welfare.
Demands the freedom to investigate and communicate in conducting its activities in the field of research, teaching, training, and consulting services practice and publication in psychology understood by scientists and psychologists with full responsibility.
Did you know that studying psychology profession has a code of ethics which must cling to? It has been formulated in code of ethics psychology as high values of the device a psychologist.
Facilities in psychological measurement of a psychologist must make a deal with the agencies / institutions / organizations where the work to know the things related to procurement issues, possession, use, control of the means of measurement.
This provision is usually set itself. Psychologists are also required to keep the means of measurement so as not to be used by people who are not authorized and is not competent.
Do you know any abuse of authority in the field of psychology of expertise and any violation of the code of ethics psychology Indonesia may be subject to sanction the organization by the authorities.

Created By : Tasya Zigy

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Creative Card Lebaran Your Self

Hey all my friends Lebaran is come, and is currently in progress ...
Tasya could give unique gife Lebaran card that faces our own image...
Surely you must be able to make, not too late to send cards Lebaran your work...
Send it through any existing fasilitation of Internet access you have...
If tasya send through on facebook and just upload it and give a name tag on which friends you want to send, or you can also click on the application share...
Easy is not it...?
You Can Try Now...

Regrads With Love
Prohibited from copying my writing
Created By : Tasya Zigy

Friday, September 18, 2009

Job In PT. Mayora, Tbk

Hi Blog readers Psychology Of Soul, I want to inform.
I got information from employees who work in there, if their companies are in need of office workers, to be placed in some branch offices. If interested immediately send your application to PT. MAYORA INDAH, Tbk
Mayora Building Jl. Tomang Raya No. 21-23 Jakarta 11440 Indonesia
Phone: (021) 565 5311 - 14
Fax: (021) 565 5336, 565 5323
Line of Business: Food Processing Industry

Information Vacancy at PT. Mayora,Tbk Indonesia
Consumers goods & distribution company, located in Tangerang, Bekasi, Jakarta, Export-oriented  

Position: Human Resources Recruitment Staff Sumber
The supervisor function: Human Resources
Work location: Jakarta
Levels of education: Bachelor S1
Major: Psychology
Work experience: Not required
Gender: No preferred

In addition to psychology there are also other vacancies ... please be my friends read it yourself through the web server PT. Mayora, Tbk
Good try, good luck always.
Closing date: 28 September 2009
Regrads With Love
Prohibited from copying my writing
Created By : Tasya Zigy

Vacancies CPNS

Hi My friends, I want to inform you there are registration CPNS... Create Kodam So civil servants, military, and Others for graduates S1 and D3.

For my friends who are still interested in the same CPNS. You must make for more complete information come directly to his office, usually the announcement and terms must be on display in front of his office. Registration end date 3O September 2009.

Terms are:
1. Copy of Certificate which legalized 3 Sheets
2. Copy of the Certified Transcript 3 Sheets
3. ID Card Copy
4. Copy of the legalized SKCK 3 Sheets
5. Copy of the legalized Yellow Card Sheet 3
6. Copy of Birth Certificate which legalized 3 Sheets
7. Pas Photo 4x6 4 Sheet 2 Sheet 3x4
Complete the data if it wanted to register.

Process SKCK did not need last long ... The police office was opened at 09.00 untill 16:00 pm. If you want to create a demanding course SKCK... Do not forget to bring Stationary, the steps you need to do is:
1. Bring your ID card to the RT and asked good conduct certificate to manufacture SKCK registration CPNS
2. Then ask signatures Chairman RW
3. In headman bring certificate already signed RT and RW, are usually not free actualy free, but village officials argued for sincere administration, I suggest just only you Rp. 3000 - Rp. 5000
4. Then a certificate from the village brought to the local Police Station as friends ID, just follow the instructions that are directed at the police station, this service should be free, but usually according to the previous culture course fee is Rp. 15,000 and the cost sincere Finger prints, give only Rp. 5000 and do not forget your copy photos SKCK to the legalization.

After the process is complete SKCK just stick to making the office a yellow card or the card is also called Seeker, usually the office of the mayor's office is in the local area, or the office of Labor Transmigration.
Requirement is very simple:
1. Copy bring certificates and transcript last value your education.
2. Bringing Pas Photo 3x4 2 Sheet
3. Foto Copy KTP / SIM
4. After Kartu Kuning or Yellow Card is completed immediately and ask for a copy photos directly certified, the process of making Yellow Card or Kartu Kuning fee (free).

It's not easy ...? never say die fighting and always pray, may you all the success always.

Indonesian translation Klik Here

Regrads With LoveProhibited from copying my writing
Created By : Tasya Zigy

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lebaran Day Come's

I can not THR (Allowance Hari Raya) so I can not buy a cake Lebaran, ketupat and opor ... It must be as Lebaran food arrived, but this time I can only be patient and look at the photos pastries and saw my favorite chicken opor via the Internet only.
I wish some miracle happens to me before Lebaran arrive, maybe I'll fall down and thank God.
I hope my blog readers to send a parcel to my home Lebaran ... ha ha ha ha ... "dreaming..." I like Cake Nastar, of all the cake at home when iam visited friends, I'll only eat cake Nastar course, if there were no coveted snack nuts I would. Who people that'd be kind enough to give the cookies for me?
Any cake, its Food and Beverage important meaning in the wrong Lebaran not mean, we are delighted with the victory of fasting we should not forget to forgive, to free ourselves from the sins we have done either intentionally or unintentionally.
With the coming Lebaran this year in September 2009 that fell on 21 to 22, Tasya want to say Happy Lebaran, Minal aidzin Walfaidzin.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Making Your Blog Famous

There are a few tips to boast your blog on a visit by the various countries and became famous not only in the country but you only go international.

One of them learn to make a blog that is always uptodate, his information is needed a lot of people, and most importantly make your blog posts with universal language easily understandable by the other countries of course.

To my friend who has not had Universal language do not worry because you all can use google translate facility, except that you may live a little arrangement he correct to make it more readable.

That way your blog will go international and make dollar rather than the local currency again. The conclusion from now on learn to make a blog in a language that is English Universal.

Let us're welcome to learn ...
Because I am also still learning to speak English ...
The key do not be shy and do not be afraid of, because the errors we are getting it forward, if we are adamant not to learn.

Additional tips are very useful to create a popular blog you do not forget to leave comments on blogs you visit, and not only left its mark on the box shot just because it was useless, visitors rarely want to read your blog further.

Good luck.
My Blog Tasya Zigy

Booming Facebook

Facebook users so much lately, a lot of status they make there solely to express his heart, there are unisex which left any comments from the friends or to his friends...
Sometimes there is a serious, sometimes the expense was solely for entertainment and fill the time they were fed up... the midst of daily activity through which, to make life more colorful.

And besides, all the benefits of Facebook is not just that alone, is subject to its own people can be useful, could also become less useful.
Facebook and other Popular Benefits Maya world can make a person or occasionally even enchanted with the unconscious, the real negative impact is to make people kecanduaan will Uptudate information on this Online Technology, and makes a person a little autistic, one of these online services are booming as This is the Facebook service.

Even as Facebook with a simple and inexpensive access via Cellular Phone / HP, so that current Facebook users are not familiar with Sex, Old and Young even children under umurpun been able to use this service.

The difference is that Facebook users will be used for what?

* For me, Facebook Personal communication in addition to each other, I use to facilitate the business affairs which I am involved with, so this online service can also generate additional money for the future of course.

Then what about you?

Whether you have other ideas about online services on the Internet, like Facebook for example?

Or maybe you can create online services that are better than Facebook?

Please Leave Comments Or Ideas Gokil you.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Job for SDM

PT DIPA Group ( is an importer, exclusive distributor, and marketer. Due the organization growth and expansion, we are looking for potential candidates with high motivation, innovative, team-work oriented, high integrity, and energetic to fulfill the challenging position at our group as follow:
Informasi Lowongan
Fungsi kerja:
Sumber Daya Manusia
Training Specialist
Lokasi kerja:
Jenjang pendidikan:
Administrasi Bisnis (Manajemen)
Ilmu Komunikasi
Pengalaman kerja:
Paling sedikit 1 tahun
Gaji yang ditawarkan:
Tidak disebutkan
- Male/Female, age max. 28 years old
- Bachelor Degree (S1) major in Communication/Management from a reputable university, with min. GPA 2.85
- Min. 1 year experience as a trainer
- Skilled in developing training materials and programs
- Experienced in doing performance evaluation and providing constructive feedbacks
- Must have good interpersonal relation skill, presentation skill, and emotional intelligence
- Initiative, communicative, attractive, hands on, and energetic
- Fluent in English, both oral & written
- Computer literate (office application)

If you meet the qualifications required, please send your resume along with a recent photograph to:

Put the code of the position applied at the e-mail subject
Deskripsi pekerjaan:
- To set up, develop and execute training programs
- To conduct training need analysis and define the training need
- To make training outlines, develop & evaluate training materials
- To ensure training programs are well planned, executed, and administered to meet management objectives
- To conduct post-training evaluation to assess the effectiveness of the training

Tanggal pemasangan:
03 September 2009
Tanggal penutupan:
10 September 2009

Untuk lebih Lengkapnya silahkan Kunjungi

Vacancy Of Security

Tasya want to inform the Security Jobs is under the auspices of the Foundation BRAVO SECURITY INDONESIA (BSI) in Jakarta, which is valid until the month of 30 October 2009. For the Friends in interested can assist in the process of filing your application (Free, free of charge).

1. At least high school graduates
2. Men and Women
3. Age Max 28 Years
4. Healthy Physical & Spiritual
5. Discipline has a height and Work Motivation
6. Minimum Height 170 cm for men, 165 cm for women (Women can be placed in the Office)

Please complete the filing requirements apply.
1. Application letter addressed to the Chief To BRAVO SECURITY INDONESIA (BSI)
2. CV / Register CVs
3. Pas photo 3x4 (2 sheets), 4x6 (2 sheets)
4. Doctors Health Letter
5. Photocopy of the last certificate, ID card / driving license, Certificate of Expertise if any.

If your requirements are complete, please contact Tasya at will on Inform 085643604463 More.

Thaks Be For
Regrads from Tasya Zigy

Friday, September 4, 2009

Bodat & Dongdot Episode 2


Continuation of the Short Story is very funny,
about two young men known as Bodat and Dongdot, refer to and see...
to the end that does not understand this language,
please translate themselves through language translation facilities.
Please read the funny story of my created

Chek This Out

>>> Kejadian Bodat & Dongdot sesudah dikejar-kejar mahluk-mahluk di Planet Misuh-misuh
Waktu sudah menunjukkan jam 12:00 siang waktu Planet Misuh-misuh
Lokasi di bawah Pohon Rindang Poema Kembar

Bodat: "ackh akhirnya kita terbebas dari mereka"
"waktu sahur sudah tiba Dongdot..."

Dongdot: "iya ya bang... terus bagaimana dengan kita ini ya?"
"apa kita kembali kerumah kita masing-masing saja ya... bang?"

Bodat: "heh Dongdot kita mana punya rumah...! kita ini arwah penasaran yang cuma menghuni sebagian alam di Planet ini."
"Gue sendiri ga punya keluarga disini... keluarga gue semua masih di Planet Bumi"

Dongdot: "Bang saya sampai detik ini masih belum mengerti dangan apa yang sudah terjadi dengan kita berdua..."
"Pertama, tiba-tiba saya ada di gang Pocong, terus saya sama Jin Bek (Pak RW) disuruh jaga di Pos Ronda dan katanya saya bakal ketemu sama rekan saya"
"Kedua, saya ketemu cuma sama abang Bodat... dan kita terus main kata-kataan, sampe kita dikejar-kejar sama penghuni mahluk itu"
"emang sebenarnya apa seh bang yang sudah terjadi? apa bener kita sudah mati? kok... abang bilang saya di tabrak truk kubis sama abang... dan abang masuk jurang!"
"Kok saya ga inget apa-apa ya bang?" (sambil mengerutkan wajah dan kebingungnan)
"Jelasin sejelas-jelasnya dung Bang!!!" (sedikit memaksa).

Bodat: "aduh... Dongdot-dongdot... kok elo kebingungan gitu seh!!!"
"Udahlah ga usah bingung-bingung lagi napa... yang pasti kita itu sudah mati dan kalau semua penghuni di Planet ini marah sama kite berdua maka kita bisa kena siksa berat dan di cabik-cabik sampe mati yang kesekian kalinya, ya... klo di Planet Bumi namanya bakal datang siksa Kubur getoh loch....!"
"Ya udeh sekarang kite sante-sante disini aje sampe waktu sahur mereka habis, baru kite menyelamatkan diri kite masing-masing, oke!" (sambil menepuk pundak Dongdot).

Dongdot: "ah abang semakin bingung saya...!"
"abang bikin saya penasaran... apa begini kehidupan kita di Planet Misuh-misuh ini?"
"kenapa kita harus nunggu mereka selesai sahur seh bang?"
"terus kita sendiri ga sahur bang?"

Bodat: "kite itu ga usah sahur karena kita bukan sebangsa mereka dodol...."
"sahur mereka itu mencari orang-orang di Planet Bumi buat menggoda manusia seperti kita yang masih hidup buat membatalkan Puasa manusia-manusia yang kurang iman"
"kite ntu bukan sebangsa Jin, nasib kite masih bisa jauh lebih baik dari mereka yang pasti selama kite tinggal disini kite kaga berbuat macem-macem dah pokoknye...."
"yang pasti gue taunya kite dan yang lain yang sebangsa sama nih sama kite, terdampar disini karena sewaktu didunia atau di Planet Bumi kite punya kebiasaan misuh-misuh... atau dengan kata lain kite ntu sering bicara kotor"
"udah cuma ntu yang gue tau... udah loe kaga usah nanya-nanya lagi"

Dongdot: (garuk-garuk kepala sampai pening banget terasa) dongdot semakin bingung dengan apa yang sudah terjadi, ia berusaha keras mengingat-ingat apa sebenernya yang sudah terjadi tetapi dongdot tidak menemukan jawaban sama sekali....

Tiba-tiba terdengar suara gemuruh angin dan Loceng yang menggema keseluruh pelosok Planet Misuh-misuh... Muncul Cahaya yang begitu menyilaukan mata.

Bodat: "eh... Dongdot sudah tiba waktunya buat gue pergi dari Planet ini, gue akan menghilang selamanya dari Planet ini... gue mau minta maaf di Ujung akhir Hidup kite waktu di Planet Bumi gue udah nabrak elo, tapi sungguh gue kaga sengaja, mungkin kite dipertemukan disini buat saling memita maaf... gue cuma pesen kalau elo balik ke Planet Bumi lagi elo kudu berhenti Misuh-misuh"
"salamat tinggal, salam buat keluarga gue di Planet Bumi, katakan gue cinta sama mereka!"
(Bodat pun memeluk Dongdot dengan erat sebagai tanda perpisahan)

**Akhirnya arwah Bodat dan arwah-arwah yang lainnya yang ada di Planet Misuh-misuh tersedot seiring cahaya itu meredup, hanya Dongdot yang tertinggal**
Tiba-tiba terdengar suara lirih yang begitu memilukan telinga dan di tunjukkan untuk Dongdot.

"Wahai Parnyo Suryonowotomololo Pakpak waktu mu belum tiba untuk menghadap SAYA"
"SAYA perintahkan kamu untuk kembali ke Planet Bumi, dan hentikan kebiasaan kamu mengejek orang lain karena SAYA tidak sungkan-sungkan utuk menghukum Manusia yang selalu Menghina Mahluk-mahluk Ciptaan SAYA"

Dengan gemetar dan ketakutan yang teramat sangat Dongdot bersimpuh dan meneteskan air mata secara tiba-tiba. Seluruh tubuhnya Lunglai tak berdaya saat mendengar Suara tersebut dan melihat kejadian yang belum pernah ia liat sebelumnya di Planet manapun.

Dongdot: "Oh... Engkau yang memanggil nama ku, apakah Engkau adalah Pencipta Ku?"
"lalu apa yang harus saya lakukan agar saya dapat kembali ditengah-tengah Keluarga saya?"

*Ya saya lah yang menciptakan Kamu, kamu hanya perlu mengimani keberadaan SAYA dan Sebut nama SAYA 3 kali, maka kamu akan kembali ketengah-tengah keluarga Kamu*

Akhirnya Dongdot menyadari dengan apa yang terjadi padanya dan semua kesalahannya selama ini.
sambil meneteskan Air mata yang tak henti-hentinya... (suasana menjadi sangat hening, pekat, kelam dan menyedihkan)

Dongdot: "Ya Tuhan... aku meyakini adanya Engkau dan Aku Parnyo Suryonowotomololo Pakpak berjanji tidak akan menghina lagi semmua mahluh-mahluk ciptaan Mu"

*Tiba-tiba gelap sekali serasa dunia tanpa udara, tanpa ruang, tanpa batas.... dan tidak bisa di gambarkan dengan kata-kata* (Dongdot pun terperosok dan do dorong Cahaya itu ke Planet Bumi)

Dongdot: "aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh............."

*Saat Dongdot membuka matanya kembali, ia sudah melihat Orang Tua, Istri dan ke dua Anak nya di sebuah ruangan berwarna Putih bersih... mereka semua meneteskan air mata untuk Dongdot tanpa henti* (Lokasi di Rumah Sakit Menara Bima, DKI Jakarta)

*Ternyata Dongdot sudah kembali di Planet Bumi, ia tersadar dari Koma nya selam ini dan Dongdot pun menjadi Lumpuh akan tetapi ia tidak terlihat sedih sama sekali dia malah tersenyum lebar karena dapat berkumpul dengan semua anggota keluarganya di bulan Ramadhan ini.*

* Saat ini Dongdot sudah berubah dan bertobat menjadi seorang Pemimpin Perusahaan yang Ramah, Baik Budi Pekerti dan tutur bahasanya. Dongdot sudah tidak Memaki-maki lagi semua Karyawannya*

*Kejadian di Planet Misuh-misuh menjadi pelajaran Berharga untuknya dan Tidak ada seorang pun yang mengetahui apa yang sudah ia alami, karena jika di ceritakan ia takut di anggap tidak waras*

*Saat Hari Lebaran tiba Dongdot teringat pesan si Bodat sewaktu di Planet Misuh-misuh... walau ia sudah lumpuh selamanya karena Bodat.... ia tetap mengunjungi makam Bodat dan tidak menaruh dendam sama sekali, kemudian Dongdot mulai mengirimkannya do'a dan menyampaikan salam untuk keluarga Bodat di Bumi*

*Karena Do'a yang di panjatkan Dongdot dan anggota keluarga Bodat untuk arwah Bodat, Akhirnya Bodat pun Hidup Kekal dengan Bahagia dan tersenyum lebar, mengucapkan Terimakasih pada Dongdot dalam mimpinya*

Begitulah akhir dari cerita di Planet Misuh-misuh
yang di Alami Bodat & Dongdot
semoga ada hikmah bermanfaat dibalik itu semua
yang dapat kita ambil Positifnya dan kita buang Negatifnya

~ F I N ~

That's the end of the story of Planet Misuh-misuh
that the Natural Bodat & Dongdot
There may be useful wisdom behind it all
that we can take positive and we discard the negative

~ The End ~

Created By : Tasya Zigy

Tips On How To Get A Job

Era of globalization is increasingly global in turn make people scramble for the position of the work and make most people take a shortcut, either positively or negatively.
Depending on how the way people look. Currently I have tips on how you can find shortcuts to reach success in finding a job.

Your first job can find information through relatives or employees who work in company, which we used to know called cooneksi and allows you to have a huge opportunity to get a job than for your should find yourself a job.

Second, look through electronic media such as radio or televesion, print media such as newspapers or magazines, or the most cheap and lots of updated information is a global information media like the Internet media.

Third, you can also open their own businesses, if they could not own the business capital you can take your work with your family or relatives to open a business that certainly could benefit and could continue to grow, you may also have the ability to create something works in whatever form it also will bring good fortune.

Are still many more ways to get a job. sebagaimanusia we just have to keep the spirit and determination has seriously and do not forget to pray to god that in your as easy road to success the world and the hereafter.
work is part of the life cycle is all we need to be able to live your life with continued enthusiasm.

Please try some tips at my job and hopefully the information how to get a job you can do well. May Lucky your life always accompanies.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Earthquake in Tasik Shakes Of Jakarta

02 September 2009 | 15:15 wib | National
Java Earthquake Shake
Earthquake Center in Tasikmalaya, Power Down with Some 7.3 SR Building

Jakarta, CyberNews. An earthquake with the power of 'big enough' has just happened and felt by citizens in a number of places on the island of Java. In Jakarta, an earthquake measuring 7.3 Richter scale shook the citizens of the capital. According to the meteorology and Geophysics Agency America (USGS) located the epicenter in Tasikmalaya.

According to the USGS, the earthquake shocks had occurred 32 times. The shock of this earthquake made a number of people panicked and ran out of the house, on Wednesday (2 / 9) at 14:55. Telephone number of dead, and reportedly some of the glass-rise buildings in Jakarta broke, this happens at Hotel Atlet Century, Jakarta.

While in Tasikmalaya, residents had screamed and panicked and lafad name of God a number of citizens who drive for a moment silent. Residents who are in the market Pancasila Tasikmalaya City residents who are in the market berkatifitas all out and the name of God. While a very strong vibration lasted about five minutes. According to reports in the field several buildings in the town of Ciamis collapsed because of this earthquake shocks.

The earthquake was also felt in the city of Bandung, West Java; South Tangerang city in the southern part of the office even Suara Merdeka CyberNews Editors Semarang, Central Java, some of the staff and employees who have offices Jl. Pandanaran had felt the earthquake shaking for several minutes with enough vibration can be felt for some time. According to some staff, they could feel the table and chairs in their office swayed.

According to the USGS epicenter was 142 kilometers southwest of Tasikmalaya with a depth of 37.3 miles below the surface in the Tasikmalaya district, and this earthquake is estimated to potential tsunamis.

(/ CN14)

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