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Friday, October 30, 2009

Psychological Effect of Divorce

This time I want to discuss about the psychological effect of divorce cases occurred recently and adverse effects occur.
What will happen from the consequences psycis of divorce?
I hope this post can be useful for, young friends who are beginning a romantic relationship even to marriage.

The psychological impact that will arise usually depression, insomnia, emotions are not stable for the couple who become victims ...
The cause of divorce many of them the most is the one spouse's infidelity, or economic effect.
But this time I will not discuss the cause, but the adverse effects that would occur in their families.

Families can be large both parties and especially their children, certainly from the perspective of psychology.....

You want to know the negative impact it for the kids?
Listen and absorb this reading ...
1. Often angry at himself
2. Angry with environment
3. Being dissident
4. Impatient or impulsive
5. Moreover, if in the process of seizing children of divorce occurs between spouses, children will become confused, wanted to stay with the father or mother
6. Another impact is the child so apathetic, withdrawn, or vice versa.
7. Children also can be insecure and afraid of attachment (intimacy) with the opposite sex.
8. Child self esteem can also be dropped. If her self esteem was very low and very large guilt, the child may be resentment at the parents, involved in drugs and alcohol, and the extreme, the thought of suicide. (

Horrible is'n it???

Psychology effects that appear in the children of divorce. So my advice to all of you, build harmonis relationship with your family the best you can.

Regrads With Love
Prohibited from copying my writing
Created By : Tasya Zigy

Monday, October 26, 2009

Postingan Bingung

Hai kawan semua yang nunggu-nunggu postingan terbaru dari tasya....
Saya sekarang sebenarnya lagi suntuk untuk membuat sebuah karya tulis handal dalam bahasa English...
Karena saya sedang mengalami kebingungan yang berkepanjangan akhir-akhir ini...
Kalian semua pembaca setia blog tasya tentunya penasaran kenapa saya mengalami kebingungan tersebut...
Saya akan cerita sedikit dech di Postingan yang berjudul "POSTINGAN BINGUNG" ini...

Pertama saya selalu saja di tanya masalah pembuatan Blog, dari mulai cara mendaftarnya hingga membuatnya, sampai ujung-ujung nya gimana cara mendapatkan akses iklan khususnya dari google adsens.....

Uhk.... jujur saja sebenernya saya jengkel juga dengan semua pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang terus saja saya dengar berulang-ulang, tetapi karena saya orang yang selalu baik hati ya.... saya pastinya berbagi ilmu sedikit-demi sedikit buat mereka, padahal saya sendiri harus banyak belajar dari orang-orang yang lebih ahli...

Kemudian kebingungan saya berlanjut lagi saat blog saya di disable oleh pihak google adsens... uh... itu membuat saya sangat marah, jengkel, dan lemas.... padahal penghasilan yang sudah saya kumpulkan dari tahun 2007 sudah banyak tetapi karena saya salah mengambil keputusan dan kurang berhati-hati terjadilah bencana ini, akses iklan saya di cabut oleh pihak google, katanya saya sudah melanggar perjanjian TOS dan melakukan tidakan kecurangan yang tidak wajar....

Ah... setelah menerima kabar buruk tersebut saya ngambek total sama pihak google... dan saya pun putar otak dan akal, agar akses iklan saya dapat muncul kembali...

Mudah seh mengembalikan akses iklan supaya di ACC kembali hanya saja dolar yang telah saya kumpulkan hilang sudah punah seperti di bakar api....

Pihak google memang sangat pintar... ini saja si google mengatakan jika terlalu banyak postingan dengan bahasa Indonesia, dia akan marah lagi.... akh...emang terlalu....

Akan tetapi memang seh... pembayaran dari google adsens memang paling tinggi untuk 1x kliknya di bandingkakn pembayaran fasilitas lain yang tidak membutuhkan begitu banyak persyaratan.

Jadi Postingan ini tasya tulis hanya sekedar untuk curhat saja, bukan untuk menjelek-jelekan pihak google loch, google jika kamu membacanya : "maafkan saya ya... itu bukan salah saya. tapi salah warnetnya brengsek" kawan-kawan jangan bingung ya baca postingan ini saya hanya ingin berbagi pengalaman saja dengan kalian.... jika ada yang tidak di mengerti maksudnya tanyakan saja di kolom komentar.

Sudahan ahk... saya mau bobo dulu... selamat pagi semua selamat bangun tidur, karena saya baru mau tidur....
Maaf ya... kalau tulisan tasya jelek....

Regrads With Love
Prohibited from copying my writing
Created By : Tasya Zigy

Friday, October 16, 2009

Earthquake in Jakarta

I just want to tell announce at 16:55 pm, an earthquake, exactly in the city of Jakarta,.

I thought just only my feelings...

But when I heard the news coverage on television was indeed an earthquake had happened.

I have found no confirmation of casualties, but made everyone in the office high rise buildings ran out.

The earthquake was centered in the Ujung Kulon with strenght 6.4 Scala Richter, on 10 KM, for 10 Minutes

Earthquake center of origin comes from the Sea

... Oh My God, I prayers hopefully Krakatau Mountain not erupted, as if to explode terrible disaster will occur in Jakarta and certainly will make the economy was completely paralyzed.

My friends let us pray together that does not happen to Indonesia and surrounding areas......

Regrads With Love
Prohibited from copying my writing
Created By : Tasya Zigy

Monday, October 12, 2009

Conclusions Traffic For Blog

Back again with me beautiful woman, this time I will discuss the current news discussion starters make a blog, which current in Indonesia is growing very creator of the blog-makers who have advanced to the amateurs like me. Are these conversations?

one of the basic ways to make blogs, that the two blog template display with his gadgets-gadget, then the way through google adsens and final course is a way of increasing our blog traffic engine through google ....

Hohoho ... very complicated indeed explain one by one even more so for those who still gaptek like me .... because it is let us learn together and practice and sharing each other ....
Yup the first lesson we begin:

We just discussed the most in the go round to ask me about how to improve our blog traffic. On my blog this time.... I will collect a variety of conclusions from the answers that have been done by some groups of people through blogs, live you who judge for yourself, please be listened to carefully ....

Principally, there are 3 ways to increase visitor traffic to your website / blog us.

1. By optimizing the approach to the search enggine (such as Google and Yahoo). Here you have to optimize the elements of Meta tags, Keyword and content on the website / blog you, so familiar and easy to search data by enggine.

2. Maximize the relationship, especially via email or blog walking. This can be done by including the address of the website / blog you are under the name of you, every time you send an email to someone. So the person who received your email, if he was curious, would click on the link. or can also add your email below note.

3. Distribute business cards and brochures. You can make their own cards and lists the address of the website / blog you are in it, or if you need to make good ads on the internet or print, to disclose to the public.

4. Make Nice Content, Select a topic that you really mastered, serve with their own language to look original content, try to be easy to understand, do not forget to make the international language.

5. My advice to the business blog should not be mixed with other ads. If discussing online business guide, try to topic bahasannya not stray from the main topic, the focus ... focus ... focus

6. Dont forget to register in this web, for your's information Traffic Blog.

Regrads With Love
Prohibited from copying my writing
Created By : Tasya Zigy

Friday, October 2, 2009

10 Tips to Register CPNS

I want to tell you about my experiences during this week, I took my friend who wanted to take the test this October CPNS 2009. Because all Government Department Job's opened simultaneously in Indonesia.

For me everything is not surprising anymore because I has try it two years ago. All the process is very complicated and require extra alertness, a healthy body condition, and a lot of money of chourse.

I am here just want to share all the experience to my friends who may not have experience in CPNS test. To register CPNS certainly requires a complete administrative requirements.

Let's refer to either - his good tips.

1. Prepare your ID card (KTP) and valid photo copy immediately according to your needs

2. Prepare SKCK valid, if not made promptly to Police Station usually pay Rp. 15,000, and do not forget to bring a reserve fund for the photo copies, etc.

3. Make a card or a job seeker signs that we call a yellow card (Kartu Kuning), immediately go Sudin Goverment Employment RI

4. Prepare Healthy letter from the Government Hospital or health center, if there are color blind free conditions could be sent there at once

5. If there is an additional requirement Drug Free Certificate Go to Hospital Goverment like Jakarta Persahabatan Hospital or Hospital based on your domicile

6. Do not forget to prepare photo copy of certificate and transcript legalized telleh Value

7. Prepare Photos 4x6, 3x4, 2x3 requirements as needed

8. As a precaution buy Seal (Materai) Rp. 6ooo, - usually will be used to Statement Letter

9. Quickly you make application letter and curriculum vitae with a list written by hand on lined foolscap

10. Do not forget to take the test while attending the full writing instruments such as 2B or HB pencils, pen try not Pen Liquid or Boxy because it would be particularly troublesome if there is leakage in the pens, erasers, Correction, Ruler, Glue, Scissors, Staples.

That's the tips of my friends who want to register CPNS, do not forget to bring water from home and some bread torn to put the stomach, because it certainly must have the registration process will take a very long and the prices of anything in the surrounding stores will be suddenly become much more expensive, good luck always and hopefully this information useful for you all.

Regrads With Love
Prohibited from copying my writing
Created By : Tasya Zigy

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