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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Job PT. Smart Tbk

After all this time did not have time to post this article I wanted to post but just a brief job info, because ultimately this time I often busy ... for friends loyal bloggers, I apologize for my ya these days rarely blog walking.

The company: PT Smart, Tbk. is an integrated palm-based consumer company under the umbrella of Sinar Mas Group, one of well established conglomerate in Indonesia, is an integrated palm-based consumer company under the umbrella of the Sinar Mas Group, one of well established conglomerate in Indonesia.

Position: Manager Department
Job function: Human Resources
Posisi: PGA Sect
Work location: Bandarlampung
Levels of education: Sarjana/S1
Work experience: At least 5 years
Salary offered: Unspecified

- Male
- Experienced in handling HR min 5 years
- Experienced in handling, manufacture more than 1000 employees
- Good knowledge in labor regulation and industrial relations
- Strong personality, independent, discipline, able to work with minimum supervision
- Hard worker, ready to work under target
- Good initiative and response when dealing in under pressure situation
- Good communication and interpersonal skills
- Good in conflict and stress management
- Willing to be placed Bandarlampung

Regrads With Love
Prohibited from copying my writing
Created By : Tasya Zigy

Monday, November 16, 2009

Keywords I Love You in the World

Language becomes very important if linked in love, so do not you underestimate the meaning of the language.
From now on we learn to be able to use a foreign language even more universal language that most of the use by some developed countries.
Surely with learning a foreign language or another language outside of our country will be very helpful for ourselves while in other countries, especially if you've fallen in love with the opposite sex and from other countries, this time I'll give some tips and foreign language ranging from a simple word that is I Love You.
You know you said I love you very powerful way to express our feelings to the opposite sex.
So if you really like someone do not hesitate to say I Love You, if in the English language was used to let us try in some other language, to be more unique and different from the usual. However, I will just write a few words that I know of only

Lets we learn together...
  1. Words I Love You in Filiphina : Mahal kita
  2. Words I Love You in Malaysia : Aku cinta kamu
  3. Words I Love You in Vietnam : Tôi yêu bạn
  4. Words I Love You in Welsh : I Love Chi
  5. Words I Love You in Kroasia / Croatian : Volim Te
  6. Words I Love You in Finnish / Filandia : Love Sinua
  7. Words I Love You in Maltese : Inħobbok
  8. Words I Love You in Afrika : Ek Het Jou Lief
  9. Words I Love You in Bulgaria : Obicham Te
  10. Words I Love You in Iceland : Eg Elska Tig
  11. Words I Love You in Jepang : Aishiteru
  12. Words I Love You in Portugis : Eu Te Amo
  13. Words I Love You in Swiss : Ich Lieb Di
  14. Words I Love You in Turki : Seni Seviyorum
  15. Words I Love You in Rusia : Ya Tebya Liubliu
  16. Words I Love You in Kanada : Naanu Ninna Preetisuttene
  17. Words I Love You in India : Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte Hae
  18. Words I Love You in Hawai : Aloha Wau Ia Oi
  19. Words I Love You in Romanian : Te Iubesc
  20. Words I Love You in Urdu : Mai Aap Say Pyaar Karta Hoo
I Hope my information give to all of your's can be useful for friends who are in love with her partner.

Regrads With Love
Prohibited from copying my writing
Created By : Tasya Zigy

Friday, November 13, 2009

Job In PT. Asia Bandar Alam

Recently, I got information about job vacancies at PT. Asia Bandar Alam. Are these vacancies? read only the informationthat I would write this post.

Company Profile:
This company in Retail Cosmetics from France, about skincare and body care, including product name is L'Occitane usually marketed in a big mall in Jakarta, Indonesia and even the entire region and abroad. This company is growing rapidly, because the product is maintaining quality.

Address : PT. Asia Bandar Alam in Jln. Soekarjo Wiryopranoto No.33 West Jakarta Sawah Besar 11,160 Indonesia
No. Tel. : 021-6495900

PT. Asia Bandar Alam require some employees to the place in several counter sales on the Mall scattered throughout the coverage area of L'Occitane products.

Position in need of them job:
Sales Associate (SA / SPG / BA) for the place in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali and Bandung.

Requirements needed:
Sales Associate
• Female max 28 years
• Min SMA / SMK
• Height min 158cm
• Able to speak English well and can operate the computer
• Min 1 year experience preferred in the field of retail
• Fresh Graduate are allowed
• Personality attractive, active, honest, friendly, hardworking & diligent
• Have the motivation and high morale & Target oriented

You can send them through the Post Office or Come Straight to Address PT. Asia Bandar Alam and can be via email:

I received this information because I got an offer from the PT. Asia Bandar Alam himself, and to my knowledge in PT. Asia Bandar Alam also need staff, other specialist staff who are competent in their fields at least graduate from D3 and S1, for more details, please just come and ask questions directly to the headquarters of PT. Asia Bandar Alam, about the job.

Thank you, all I information Jobs postingkan teruptudate from the information I received on 13 November 2009. To see more of your company profile please browse on

Regrads With Love
Prohibited from copying my writing
Created By : Tasya Zigy

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Knowledge Gerontology

What Is Gerontology?
I'll write some meaning in the science of gerontology psikolgi, absolutly which be very useful for you all if there is not yet known.
Gerontology is a science to study the social aspects of different angles of view from which the elderly person.
Because the process of life is growing increasingly age and to be older, in the gerontology course will study the nature, character and personal as the change from young people, so the science of gerontology is very helpful at all for others or who are more young to understand all the changes the psychology of the elderly.
Elderly person will experience a lot of depression, stress, apathystic, and even autism.
This is caused by several factors that are particularly vulnerable, because that's the science of gerontology clarify all sorts of changes in behavior, knowledge of old people.
The things that will happen to the elderly among others:
Copingnya behavior or the way people deal with challenges and difficulties will be easily crushed and hopeless.
The second is the emotional reaction is unstable and will always have the soul or inner turmoil.
While the sensitivity of physiological reactions elderly man began to increase, so if you have events that shock and he will experience shock and can also cause disease that can be deadly.
In gerontology also studied cognitive reactions whether elderly people can think rationally or not.
Therefore, psychology is very important that we learn as we age getting older or our parents we deal with the more complicated, that's a brief explanation of the meaning of gerontology in psychology, and I hope my writing be useful for your's.
So take care your parent before you lose it, because the regret will be felt so painful when we realize our parents are very valuable.

Regrads With Love
Prohibited from copying my writing
Created By : Tasya Zigy

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Meaning of Stress

Who would have experienced stress?
And Then if the cause of stress?
Why do some people often experience?
If the stress is attacking you, how the solution that you recover from stress?
And how to avoid stress?

Okay let's discuss some of the meaning of stress, which in effect caused and the cause to cure stress solutions.
Of course I've lived a lot of stress and its meaning for some people may be difficult for laymen to understand, here I will conclude just based on the outline and you certainly easier to understand because I discuss with my own language.

Stress means that the pressure felt by something in one's everyday life that he could not cope alone, resulting in a bad psychological effect thoughts and behavior. Perceived emphasis appears and projected on the brain and it affects all organs of the body of work, usually the symptoms are easily seen in patients with stress is difficult to sleep disturbance and lack of balance the body's metabolism, such as anemia, pale, listless and lacking the passion to do various activities.

Stress levels experienced by a person there, which I described earlier is usually a feature of mild stress. While stress is far more severe depression will have an impact on a person, depression is the continuation of the problems and prolonged stress can not overcome alone. This is desperately needed the help of people nearby to continue giving advice and encouragement in a moral, even it is advisable to see a specialist who commonly called the psychologist or psychiatrist.

Hey Friends, if you or relatives around you appear to show little deviant behavior and can not be controlled anymore due to a problem he faced, was a sign he was experiencing stress and can cause depression or even worse be crazy. So my advice take the person immediately, because it's also in dire need first aid.
Stress is not worried Janagan infectious diseases, and stress can be healed. So the most important to avoid stress is to always think positively, and sharing with people you trust if you have a problem, quickly finish the problems you experienced were not put off and the most important thing is do good things in your life so that stress is not up to you.

Regrads With Love
Prohibited from copying my writing
Created By : Tasya Zigy

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