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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Factors often feel so sleepy every day

There are several factors people often feel sleepy even take watu for adequate rest at night. There are 8 factors that cause a person to feel sleepy, some of which are:

1. Anemia (anemia) 
Anemia is a major cause drowsiness often comes. Lack of blood causes a lack of iron, red blood cells needed to carry oxygen to tissues and organs was reduced, thus causing people often feel sleepy. 

2. Hypothyroidism (decreased production of thyroid hormones) 
The thyroid is a small gland at the base of the neck, which controls the metabolism and speed convert fuel into energy. When the gland is underactive and metabolic function is too slow, people can feel the body lethargic and sleepy. 

3. Diabetes 
Glucose is the fuel of the energy released in the cells due to the presence of oxygen. People with type-2 diabetes have high blood glucose levels, because the body can not use this glucose to provide energy. Therefore, individuals with type 2 diabetes complain of feeling tired and sleepy all the time. 

4. Dehydration (lack of fluids) 
Fatigue and drowsiness can be a sign of dehydration. Immediately inadequate in the body needs water to keep it feeling fresh and vibrant. 

5. Depression 
Depression is not Hanyan emotional disturbances but also contributes to many physical symptoms. Fatigue, always sleepy, headaches and loss of appetite is one of the most common symptoms in people suffering from depression. 

6. Sleep disorders 
Sleep disorders like sleep apnea and insomnia can also cause feelings of fatigue and sleepiness constantly. Used for the proper functioning of the body's sleep again, the body's cells repair and rejuvenate themselves. While the people who suffer from lack of sleep due to insomnia, sleep apnea, the respiratory system is inhibited so that often causes fatigue and drowsiness. 

7. When it's easy to feel tired and sleepy in performing daily activities, should you need to make sure that your heart in good circumstances, always sleepy because it could be early signs of heart disease 

8. Tired usually soon lost when brought to rest. But for chronic fatigue syndrome (chronic fatigue syndrome), fatigue does not quickly disappear and are usually characterized by lethargy, drowsiness, irritability, muscle pain and in some cases memory loss 

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Privilege an Tour in Bali

Bali is beautiful island, so as many tourists who wish to visit the island of Bali to enjoy the beautiful scenery.There are several tourist attractions which are generally visited during a vacation in Bali:

* ZeroGround Ground Zero, this is the first Bali bombing monument. There, emblazoned the names of victims of the Bali bombing, you'll find this monument on the way to Kuta beach. Hopefully no more chaos in Bali, because of information we can from the people there, Bali tourism devastated by the bomb bali one and
two. Foreign tourist arrivals decreased drastically, and many entrepreneurs out of business. Though the majority of the population relies on Bali tourism business.

* Tanjung Benoa. On this beach we can do a lot of water sports, such as jetski, parasailing (a parachute pulled by a speedboat), banana boat, flying fish (I thought this game for granted, but after seeing firsthand how his game, really fun), diving, glass bottom boat. You can rent a boat which is basically mounted on the glass so it can see into the water. Be careful when renting, the price of an existing price list that can be bargained like crazy. Luckily I had time before leaving for browsing and searching for information such games prices. Here are some prices that I can get on the internet (July 2008)
* Parasailing: Rp 55,000 / person
* Banana Boat: Rp 50,000 / person (min 2 person)
* Flying fish: Rp 120,000 / person (min 2
* Water skiing: Rp 110,000 / org, 15 minutes
* Snorkeling: Rp 90,000 / org (min 2
* Diving: Rp 235,000 / person
* Glass bottom boat: Rp 250,000 / boat (max 10
* Dolphin tour: Rp 500,000 / person / 4 hours

* Dreamland Beach. Being one direction with GWK, in this place is shown being built star hotels and resorts. This region had 'worked' by Tommy Suharto, but abandoned after the New Order regime collapsed. This beach looks cleaner than Kuta beach, and more foreign tourists than local tourists. But I think far enough distance to be traveled to reach this beach and its location is rather remote. (Or perhaps it is sought after by foreign tourists). If later on hotel and resort projects already completed, this beach would be more crowded. To get into this area, vehicle parking only cost you only Rp 2,000 for the car. According to JJH, if you do not like pool should not have to go to this place.
* Tanah Lot. This place is located in the Village Beraban, 13 km west of Tabanan. This is one of the sights that must be visited by JJH. There are two temples, one located above the boulder, and the other located in the cliffs. When the water receded, we can walk across to the temple which was in the middle of the beach, but should not be entered except to pray. Below the cliffs there are areas of the holy snake. The legend says that the snake came from the founder's temple scarves, Danghyang Nirarta as temple guards. Many like to enjoy the sunset in this place .. If thingking in Bali were more places for looking around Sunset? Tickets go into this place and Rp Rp 7.500/adult 5.000/children, while for foreign tourists Rp. 10.000/
* Bedugul. This place is located on the hill, so the temperature there is very cool, 18 degrees Celsius, you know (like in Lembang, Bandung). There are also lake Beratan, you have 2 choices, get off at the dock (usually a local tourist group), then do the tour around the temple Ulundanu water, or a direct visit to the temple Ulundanu, and see the lake (usually individual tourists or foreign tourists) . JJH recommended to enter into the temple area Ulundanu, because we can enjoy the scenery more beautiful. Entrance is Rp 7,500 to Rp 10,000 for domestic and foreign tourists.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Self-image and how its application for your life

The meaning self-image self-confidence and our self-image
Of each one of them in a way genius learning and holistic learning so we can express our self-image.
Now we discuss about the purpose of Genius learning , to understand and interpretation the learning process. Holostic learning is a series of practical approaches in an effort to improve the outcome of the learning process in a way that is efficient, effective and fun.
In principle must be accompanied by the following factors: a sharp mind, high motivation, peaceful environment, lots of learning options, a person's physical and emotional condition. that all influence the process of learning about self-image.
Self-image was amount to a mirror to ourselves and it will raise our self-esteem.
Self-esteem means the ability of seeing yourself as a person who able be challenge for a happy life.
For what we truly recognize our own self-image than to improve the quality of self-esteem, one of its functions to the education of our children in order to determine their quality, therefore we must learn from ourselves about our self-image recognition.
The way the application of this self-image we can apply to ourselves and our children.
Usually a way of learning about self-image often find that the more frequent repetition of the incident experienced by a person the more it will stick with us, so get used Affirmation positive in ourselves and our children, and others from speaking.
Example: "I'm not stupid" should be "I’am smart and have skilled." Talk be positive. 
Another example: "You lazy" should be "how good it you were more diligent."
Rightnow start from this moment to behave and be nice and positive things whatever your current capacity, not actually for leaders, staff office, students, children and our people.

Regrads With Love
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Created By : Tasya Zigy

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Type Blackberry Smartphone & Tips Buying Phone

Ada banyak type smartphone yang banyak digemari saat ini salah satu nya Blackberry, dengat type tombol qwerty yang enak untuk ditekan-tekan.
Tapi ada beberapa tips yang harus kalian waspadai dalam membeli Blackberry.
Salah satunya biasa dikenal "ada harga, ada rupa" hati-hati dengan Blackberry Rakitan, Blackberry Replika/tiruan, Blackberry BM waduh itu tidak terjamin keasliannya maupun kualitasnya. Apalagi Blackberry buatan china, bisa naik darah deh, baru pake 3 bulan juga paling udah ambyar...

Nah baca baik-baik,
Perbedaan Blackberry yang Buatan (Hungary, Canada, Mexico) & Blackberry buatan china.
Pertama kalau mau beli ponsel cara yang termudah adalah bongkar tuh dalemannya HP liat Made in mana.... Blackberry yang asli cuma dari Mexico, Canada, Hungary kalau bukan dari ketiga negara itu mending gag usah dibeli.
Yang Kedua, smakan imei di HP dan Kotaknya. Harus sama kalau gag sama mending balikin aja deh, bisa jadi HP curian, hahahaha....
Ketiga: apabila masih disegel bukan berarti HP itu asli, kita harus waspada karena segel itu gampang sekali dibuat kembali dan di tukar perangkat-perangkatnya, selain cek IMEI nya kalian juga cek Assesorisnya apakah masih sama buatannya atau sudah berdeda, itu artinya assesorisnya yang asli sudah di mix dan ditukar dengan yang lain.
Keempat, Blackberry yang asli dan masih original saat di tes semua aplikasi nya lancar dan tidak ada gangguan, biasanya harga itu berbicara.
Kelima, cara membedakan Blackberry Cina, biasanya ada dual sim card, ada TV turner nya, ada embel-embel lain, dan Blackberry cina biasanya nama nya menyerupai dengan nama aslinya.
Jadi Kawan silahkan deh teliti sebelum membeli, gag usah takut tuh HP kita kotak-katik sebelum membelinya, kalau HP itu Jelek Kita pegang sebentar juga bisa langsung ambyar. Terus kalau sudah ambyar tinggalin deh....tu counter, hahahhaha.......

Yang ini nih Blackberry China... ciri-cirinya begetoh....

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tips memilih macam-macam buah

Durinya sudah melebar dan daging durinya sudah agak lunak, aromanya harum dan kulitnya tdk ada yg bolong kalau dipukul-pukul bunyinya buk ...buk...berat mantep (nggak garing kosong). Lihat tangkainya (dipotong sedikit), kalau tengahnya kuning berarti bagus, jangan pilih yang bulat bagus, tapi yang bentuknya agak aneh, biasanya bagus.

Pilih mangga yg bonggolnya (ujung tangkainya) berwarna kuning/kekuningan. Pilih yang harumnya manis sampai ke ujung buah, di pangkalnya harum dan lebar. Kulitnya mulus dan kencang, tidak mengkerut. Keseluruhan buah aromanya harum manis. Pilih yg warna hijaunya agak tua buram dan bebintik hitam.


Pilih yg warnanya kuning betul bukan kuning terang, pilih yg kulitnya tipis dan mengkilat. Buah jeruk punya ciri tersendiri yang bisa dilihat dari kulitnya. Coba perhatikan kulitnya, lihat tekstur kulit, bila kulitnya terlihat halus berarti jeruk itu sudah matang dan manis. Hindari jeruk yang berkulit kasar dan berkulit tebal, biasanya jeruk dengan ciri tersebut menandakan kandungan air jeruk sedikit.


Semangka biasanya ditepuk-tepuk untuk, mendengar 'kopong' enggaknya. Semakin kopong berarti kurang banyak airnya, kurang seger. Untuk memastikan kematangan semangka, tidak perlu sampai memotongnya dan melihat dalamnya. Sama seperti jeruk, buah semangka pun dapat dilihat tingkat kematangannya lewat kulit. Semangka yang berat dan halus kulitnya menandakan sudah matang. Ciri lain bisa dilihat dari warna kuning yang ada diujung buah semangka, semakin lebar warna itu, maka semakin matang buahnya.
Pilih yg wangi, perhatikan bagian patahan tangkainya, pilih yg buletan tangkainya kelihatan mekar, pilih melon yg guratan uratnya banyak dan tebal.
Menurut Trubus ini tanda buah sudah mateng pas dipanen.
 pilih melon yg kerasa bijinya sudah pada lepas saat buah digoncang.


Kocok-kocok alpukat, pilih yang berbunyi, tandanya tua, pilih yang kulitnya mulus.

Apel yang crunchy (tidak gabus), kalau diketuk-ketuk dengan kuku bunyinya nyaring. Berarti masih banyak airnya. Jika suaranya 'bariton' berarti udah kurang crunchy lagi.

Pilih sawo yang empuk dan sudah berwarna coklat tua. Jangan pilih sawo yang ada luka/goresan/ lubang sekecil apapun (meskipun ukurannya gede). 
Trus jangan dipilih kalau dikulitnya nempel bekas getah. Bisanya kulit yg cacat gini, daging  dibawahnya akan keras/rusak, yang penting perhatikan betul kulitnya harus mulus.

 Khususnya pisang ambon, pilih yang bentuk pisangnya bulat.
Bagian batangnya jangan yang udah kering banget, berarti itu pisang udah lama 'berpisah' dengan pohonnya. Pisang yang enak untuk digoreng/dibuat gorengan adalah pisang kepok atau pisang uli.

Untuk memilih kematangan buah ini lebih mudah. Lihatlah warna buahnya apakah sudah merah? Semakin tua warnanya semakin matang buahnya. Jangan pilih stroberi yang masih ada berwarna kehijauan atau kekuningan, karena rasanya pasti asam. Tips lain, jangan pilih buah stroberi yang terlalu besar karena kadar airnya lebih banyak sehingga rasanya tawar.

Warna dari buah ini menentukan kualitas buah, tapi jika belum harum sebaiknya jangan dipilih. Jadi pilihlah nanas yang harum saat membeli.

Untuk memilih buah kiwi yang masak, tekan sisi atas (bagian yang dipetik) dan sisi bawahnya dengan ibu jari dan telunjuk. 
Kalau sedikit empuk, berarti kiwi sudah siap dimakan. Apabila sehabis makan-makanan berlemak sebaiknya mengkonsumsi buah ini karena akan menetralisir lemak yang baru saja kita makan

Pilih buah anggur yang masih menempel pada batang. Jangan memilih buah anggur yang sudah lembek dan berkerut, pilih buah anggur yang masih segar. Perhatikan juga ketebalan kulitnya, jika tipis, maka kandungan air yang terdapat dalam buah anggur tersebut banyak

Pilih buah pir yang mulus kulitnya, tidak ada bercak serta kondisi daging buahnya masih keras.

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Various breeds of dogs

Macam-macam anjing....
Saya lagi suka liat-liat wajah anjing...
Mereka itu lucu, sweet, dan smart...
This Example Dog Picture...
Untuk Yang mau Jual Anak Anjing Puppy or Golden Puppies silahkan tinggalkan massege in my Blogger.....
Lengkap dengan Fotho nya, No Telf nya dan Harga termurah nya...
Jika saya tertarik pasti saya calling back

This Type : Syberian Husky

This Type :  Rootweiler

This Type : Puppy


This Type : Golden Puppies

This Type : Dalmation


This Type : Pitbull

This Type :Bulldog

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Job Vacancy in PT. Komatsu Reman Indonesia

PT Komatsu Reman Indonesia
Advertised: 1-6-11 | Closing Date: 1-7-11

Komatsu Reman Indonesia is a part of Komatsu Group in Indonesia. In order to support our growing business, we need professionals to join our team as:

HR & GA Staff
(Jakarta Raya)


Maximum 28 years old
Diploma Degree (D3) majoring in Administration/Management from reputable University with GPA min 2.75
Have 1-3 years experience in handling Administration Matters
Familiar with Government legislation and statutory requirement of Manpower/Labor, Company Permits, etc. and maintain the reporting and documentation in order to always compliance with all requirements
Having good knowledge of Manpower/Labor legislation
Good computer literate (MS Office) skills
Good in English written and spoken
Strong conceptual and analytical thinking with the ability to secure information, identify key issues and understand cause-effect relationships
Strong interpersonal skills with ability to maintain harmonious relationships with all level of employees
Energic, proactive, result & customer service oriented
Willing to work Under Pressure

Production Staff
(Jakarta Raya)


Maximum 28 years old
Diploma Degree (D3) majoring in Mechanical/Automotive/Heavy Equipment Engineering from reputable University with GPA min 2.75
Good computer literate (MS Office) skills
Good in English written and spoken
Experiences candidates is more preferable especially in the field of Heavy Equipment or Automotive Industry
Highly motivated individual for future carrier opportunity
Strong interpersonal skills with ability to relate to employees at all levels
Energic, proactive and result oriented
Willing to work Under Pressure

Please send your application, complete CV, supporting documents and your recent photograph with the position code on the upper left corner of the envelope or e-mail subject within 7 days from this advertisement to:

Jl. Jawa 14 Blok A-05 Kawasan Berikat Nusantara
Cakung Cilincing Jakarta Utara 14140
By : Jobstreet

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The words is garbage

"Kata-kata itu sesungguhnya SAMPAH"
Hai...pembaca...yang terhormat!!! saya mau sedikit share mengenai sebuah kata-kata...
Ada pernyataan seperti ini...
Saya sendiri saja tidak tahu apakah anda akan setuju dengan itu?
"Sebuah kata-kata yang terucap dari mulut seseorang adalah SAMPAH"
"SAMPAH untuk pikiran seseorang"

Mari kita ulas mengenai pernyataan ini, untuk menghindari persepsi anda yang salah.
Saat kata-kata itu keluar dari mulut seseorang yang di stimuluskan ke pikiran seseorang, itu menjadi sampah bagi pikiran seseorang, perbedaanya adalah : 
* Ada orang yang bisa mengolah sampah itu dengan sangat baik.
* Ada orang yang bisa mengolah sebagian sampah itu menjadi baik
* Ada juga orang yang tidak bisa mengolah sampah itu dengan baik.
Uraiannya adalah : 

#Subjek pertama adalah orang yang bisa mengolah sampah pikiran itu dengan baik.
( + ) Saat kata-kata yang diungkapkan seseorang terhadap orang yang mendengarkan baik itu buruk maupun itu baik, orang yang cerdas akan mengolah sampah-sampah pikiran itu dengan cara yang bijak dan akan memikirkan jauh lebih dalam bahkan menilainya dengan sangat bijaksana, sebelum ia memberikan komentar/celaan/berpikiran negatif, bahkan sampah-sampah itu bisa dicerna dengan cermat menjadi sekumpulan ilmu yang bermakna dalam kehidupannya, walaupun sampah-sampah itu datang tanpa ia minta dari orang lain atau bahkan sampah-sampah yang disampaikan itu negatif maupun positif akan ia cerna menjadi sesuatu yang baik.

# Subjek ke-dua adalah orang yang bisa menerima sampah itu sebagian saja menjadi baik dan sebagian lagi menjadi buruk.
( 1/2 ) Saat implus kata-kata dari seseorang itu datang tanpa ia minta maka akan berubah menjadi sampah-sampah yang sebagian bisa dicerna atau tidak, ini adalah tipe orang yang menilai apapun dengan penuh pertimbangan. Saat sampah-sampah itu bisa ia terima dengan logika dan sesuai dengan keinginannya atau pikirannya, ia akan berkata dalam hati nya... "OH...Iya...ternyata begitu...!!!" dan apabila itu dinilai buruk maka sampah-sampah itu tidak akan ia terima, tapi dia juga tidak akan mencela atau memaki orang yang mengeluarkan sampah-sampah itu. Bahkan ia akan menyimpannya dalam hati dan tidak mempermasalahkannya, walaupun ia tidak suka dengan semua sampah-sampah itu.

# Subjek yang ke-3 adalah orang yang tidak bisa mencerna kata-kata sampah itu dengan baik.
( - ) Saat implus kata-kata itu masuk dipikirannya baik itu buruk maupun baik, maka ia akan mengcut semua implus yang masuk dengan pikiran negatif. Tipe orang ini adalah orang yang BODOH dan  negatif thingking.
Baginya sampah-sampah yang diterima dari orang itu salah yang baik hanya sampah miliknya sendiri. Subjek inilah yang memiliki kelainan psikologis karena orang tipe ini bukan orang yang memiliki alat pengolah sampah pikiran dengan baik di otaknya. Bahkan apabila sampah-sampah itu ia mintapun dari orang lain, ia tidak akan mengolah sampah-sampah itu menjadi nilai yang positif justru akan membuat orang pemberi sampah itu menjadi terdakwa dan semua sampah-sampah itu buruk, ia akan merasa puas apabila orang lain yang harus menerima sampah-sampah miliknya. Jadi saran utama jika bertemu tipe orang seperti ini... lebih baik anda menyimpan sampah-sampah anda untuk diri anda sendiri, dan menjauh dari orang-orang seperti ini. Apabila bertemu tipe orang BODOH ini segeralah tutup semua indra anda, karena semuanya tidak akan menjadi bermakna sekalipun anda mengajak debat terbuka didepan forum umum.

#### BAGAIMANA, Anda Mengerti Filosophi ini??? ###
### Bahwa kata-kata itu SAMPAH Pikiran kita. ###
Tanya pada diri anda, apakah anda memiliki alat pengelola SAMPAH itu???
Silahkan anda yang mau merespon SAMPAH-SAMPAH saya....!!!
Tinggalkan saja di Kolom Komentar yang sudah saya sediakan
Regrads With Love 
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Created By : Tasya Zigy

"Those words certainly GARBAGE" 
O ... ... Dear readers! I want to share a little about a word ...  
There is a statement like this ... 
 I do not know if you would agree with that or Not?  
"A word spoken from the mouth of someone who is a garbage" 
"Garbage for the mind people"

Let's commented on this statement, to avoid the perception of you is wrong. When those words came out of the mouth of a person in stimulus to mind a person, it becomes a waste of your mind, the difference are: 
* There are people who can process the garbage is very good.  
* Some people are able to process some garbage is a good 
* There are also people who can not be able to process that garbage.  
Still confused?
Description is: 

# The first subject is a person who can treat it with a good mind garbage. 
(+) When the words expressed by someone who listens to both the evil and the good, intelligent person who will process the waste-waste that thought a smart way and will be thinking much more in fact a wise judge, before he gave Comments / reprimand / negative thinking, even trash-waste can be digested carefully into a meaningful set of science in life, even trash-garbage that comes without it requested from other people or even a garbage-waste is delivered to it is negative or positive gastrointestinal be a good thing.  

# Subject to these two is the one who can accept some of the rubbish just be good and some bad.  
(1 / 2) When some implus words coming from a person without it requested, it will turn into some trash-waste can be digested or not, this is the type to assess the full consideration of any kind. When trash is trash-can he accept the logic and in accordance with the wishes or thoughts, it will say in his heart ... "OH ... Yes ... it was, so ...!!!" and when it assessed the trash-trash bad it will not accept it, but he will not denounce or condemn those who produce waste-waste that. In fact, it will store in the heart and does not see, though he did not like all that garbage, garbage.  

# Subject to-3 are those who can not digest the words of the waste properly.  
(-) When implus those words in her mind whether it is bad or good, it will be a sign implus piece all the negative thoughts. This is the type of people who are STUPID Man and always negative thingking. Junk from him received from him self a good one only its own garbage. These subjects have a psychological disorder because the person is not the type who has a garbage processing equipment with good thoughts in his brain. Even when the Junk ask it from someone else, it will not process that garbage's is a positive value it will make those providers that refuse to be accused and all the trash-waste is bad, it will be satisfied when the other person should received his trash-trash. So the main advice when meet this type person ... you must better keep yours garbage's, and far away from people like this. Upon meeting the kind of STUPID people immediately close all your senses, because it would not be meaningful even if you invite debate this people.

# # # # HOW, You Know this philosophy? That the words we think that garbage. # # # 
Ask yourself, if you have the tools that manage garbage?  
Who would you please respond to me ....!!!
Leave it in the comments that column for my GARBAGE
inspiration by : Mightness Kentut

Friday, February 4, 2011

Cara Membuat Tes Kraeplin Sendiri

Hai kawan semua... saya ingin berbagi nih untuk yang bekerja sebagai recruitment di suatu instansi swasta... jika kalian di minta membuat alat tes untuk menguji kecerdasan dan kecepatan seseorang, maka bisa kalian berikan alat tes buatan sendir, yaitu TES KRAEPLIN....
Bagaimana cara membuat nya..?
Ikuti saja cara nya step by step....

1. Kalian bukan Microsoft Office

2. Tekan tombol Alt & F11, maka akan muncul seperti ini..........

3. Kemudian ada tulisan visual basic... pilih kolom Insert, kemudian tulisan Module

4. Setelah itu akan ada.... gambar seperti ini...

Jangan lupa copy paste kode ini :

Sub PsikoNumGenerator()

Randomize Timer

theEnd = InputBox("Jumlah angka yang akan dibuat", "Jumlah Angka")

If Not IsNumeric(theEnd) Then Exit Sub

If Int(theEnd) = 0 Then Exit Sub

For i = 1 To theEnd

theText = theText & vbTab & Int(Rnd(i) * 10)


Selection.TypeText Text:=theText

End Sub

5. Lalu kembali ke microsoft word Tekan Alt + F8, akan muncul gambar seperti ini :


6. Tekan rombol Run, setelah di tekan maka akan muncul seperti ini :

7. Setelah terbuka masukkan angka yang kalian kehendaki untuk mengetes nya.... Perhatikan ukuran kertas sesuaikan dengan kolom dan baris nya...

8. Kemudian jika sudah dimasukkan angka maka akan tampak seperti ini :

9. Lakukan tes, pada beberapa subjek

10. Interprestasikan hasil tes tersebut, apakah makna nya!!!! dan apakah kandidat calon karyawan anda memenuhi persyaratan nilai standart perusahaan....

Sekali lagi terimakasih telah menyimak karya tulis saya kali ini, karena saya juga baru belajar hari ini... cara membuat nya, dan ingin membaginya untuk kawan-kawan seperjuangan...
Kalau untuk artinya saya tidak bisa membocorkannya, jika ingin tahu kalian harus membeli dan membaca bukunya.

Regrads With Love 
Prohibited from copying my writing 
Created By : Tasya Zigy

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MP3 D-Masiv "Sudahi Perih"

Now a lot of soap operas are increasingly unclear what happens, initially attractive, but over time my gosh really makes my stomach sick.
Soap operas often in Tunjang with a very nice song by holding a cooperation system between the production of soap operas and the level of selling songs.
I actually wanted to discuss this further comment, except that I was very dizzy and feel tired if you have to think more deeply devoted to the idea of my work today.
So ... My point is now often remembered song d-masiv definitely remember this when listening to sinetronnya Amira ... 'daughter in exchange "

Regrads With Love
Prohibited from copying my writing
Created By : Tasya Zigy

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Love Of My Life

I never understood with this life, always just when we think speaks for my self ... as if we talk to the entire world. look smart in front of them selves, whereas before only the people of our world is not perfect.

I do every morning while on his way to the office, always just imagine how a beautiful this world, if I could be happy family with all sufficiency of life, and for a moment I turned from the car window Trans Jakarta so many people in Indonesia are still very poor.

Then I sighed deeply and said : come on Tanti.....
Life is beautiful when you're through all the struggle and sacrifice, for the s
ake of the people we love.

At least I felt it was quite happy with my life.
Thankful for a good thing to do in our lives...

Regrads With Love
Prohibited from copying my writing
Created By : Tasya Zigy

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lowongan Kerja Tahun 2011

Tahun 2011 awal bulan ini banyak sekali lowongan yang di buka di perusahaan-perusahaan terkemuka. Bagi yang sedang butuh pekerjaan, silahkan baca aplikasi dan persyaratannya dibawah ini...
Team Support Officer ( TSO )

Laki-Laki Single
Wanita Tomboi Single
Usia mulai dari 22 Tahun - 35 Tahun
Bersedia melakukan perjalanan keluar kota dan perjalanan dinas maksimal 2 Bulan
Berdomisili tetap Jabodetabek dan KTP Jabodetadek
IQ diatas Rata-rata, Pribasi yang Tegas dan Tahan Mental
Sehat Jasmani & Rohani
Memiliki SKCK
Minimal DIII dari segala macam disiplin ilmu
Memiliki SIM C Aktif
Bersedia Menandatangani Ikatan Dinas selama 1 Tahun
Berpengalaman atau tidak berpengalaman

Fasilitas yang didapat
Uang Dinas dan Uang Bonus
Voucher Pulsa
Fasilitas Kesehatan

Bagi yang memiliki kriteria diatas silahkan kirim lamaran by email
dengan SUBJEK TSO-By Blog

Regrads With Love 
Prohibited from copying my writing 
Created By : Tasya Zigy

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