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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Self-image and how its application for your life

The meaning self-image self-confidence and our self-image
Of each one of them in a way genius learning and holistic learning so we can express our self-image.
Now we discuss about the purpose of Genius learning , to understand and interpretation the learning process. Holostic learning is a series of practical approaches in an effort to improve the outcome of the learning process in a way that is efficient, effective and fun.
In principle must be accompanied by the following factors: a sharp mind, high motivation, peaceful environment, lots of learning options, a person's physical and emotional condition. that all influence the process of learning about self-image.
Self-image was amount to a mirror to ourselves and it will raise our self-esteem.
Self-esteem means the ability of seeing yourself as a person who able be challenge for a happy life.
For what we truly recognize our own self-image than to improve the quality of self-esteem, one of its functions to the education of our children in order to determine their quality, therefore we must learn from ourselves about our self-image recognition.
The way the application of this self-image we can apply to ourselves and our children.
Usually a way of learning about self-image often find that the more frequent repetition of the incident experienced by a person the more it will stick with us, so get used Affirmation positive in ourselves and our children, and others from speaking.
Example: "I'm not stupid" should be "I’am smart and have skilled." Talk be positive. 
Another example: "You lazy" should be "how good it you were more diligent."
Rightnow start from this moment to behave and be nice and positive things whatever your current capacity, not actually for leaders, staff office, students, children and our people.

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