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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Privilege an Tour in Bali

Bali is beautiful island, so as many tourists who wish to visit the island of Bali to enjoy the beautiful scenery.There are several tourist attractions which are generally visited during a vacation in Bali:

* ZeroGround Ground Zero, this is the first Bali bombing monument. There, emblazoned the names of victims of the Bali bombing, you'll find this monument on the way to Kuta beach. Hopefully no more chaos in Bali, because of information we can from the people there, Bali tourism devastated by the bomb bali one and
two. Foreign tourist arrivals decreased drastically, and many entrepreneurs out of business. Though the majority of the population relies on Bali tourism business.

* Tanjung Benoa. On this beach we can do a lot of water sports, such as jetski, parasailing (a parachute pulled by a speedboat), banana boat, flying fish (I thought this game for granted, but after seeing firsthand how his game, really fun), diving, glass bottom boat. You can rent a boat which is basically mounted on the glass so it can see into the water. Be careful when renting, the price of an existing price list that can be bargained like crazy. Luckily I had time before leaving for browsing and searching for information such games prices. Here are some prices that I can get on the internet (July 2008)
* Parasailing: Rp 55,000 / person
* Banana Boat: Rp 50,000 / person (min 2 person)
* Flying fish: Rp 120,000 / person (min 2
* Water skiing: Rp 110,000 / org, 15 minutes
* Snorkeling: Rp 90,000 / org (min 2
* Diving: Rp 235,000 / person
* Glass bottom boat: Rp 250,000 / boat (max 10
* Dolphin tour: Rp 500,000 / person / 4 hours

* Dreamland Beach. Being one direction with GWK, in this place is shown being built star hotels and resorts. This region had 'worked' by Tommy Suharto, but abandoned after the New Order regime collapsed. This beach looks cleaner than Kuta beach, and more foreign tourists than local tourists. But I think far enough distance to be traveled to reach this beach and its location is rather remote. (Or perhaps it is sought after by foreign tourists). If later on hotel and resort projects already completed, this beach would be more crowded. To get into this area, vehicle parking only cost you only Rp 2,000 for the car. According to JJH, if you do not like pool should not have to go to this place.
* Tanah Lot. This place is located in the Village Beraban, 13 km west of Tabanan. This is one of the sights that must be visited by JJH. There are two temples, one located above the boulder, and the other located in the cliffs. When the water receded, we can walk across to the temple which was in the middle of the beach, but should not be entered except to pray. Below the cliffs there are areas of the holy snake. The legend says that the snake came from the founder's temple scarves, Danghyang Nirarta as temple guards. Many like to enjoy the sunset in this place .. If thingking in Bali were more places for looking around Sunset? Tickets go into this place and Rp Rp 7.500/adult 5.000/children, while for foreign tourists Rp. 10.000/
* Bedugul. This place is located on the hill, so the temperature there is very cool, 18 degrees Celsius, you know (like in Lembang, Bandung). There are also lake Beratan, you have 2 choices, get off at the dock (usually a local tourist group), then do the tour around the temple Ulundanu water, or a direct visit to the temple Ulundanu, and see the lake (usually individual tourists or foreign tourists) . JJH recommended to enter into the temple area Ulundanu, because we can enjoy the scenery more beautiful. Entrance is Rp 7,500 to Rp 10,000 for domestic and foreign tourists.

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